Hammies vs Wolves: YAY!!! A shootout win! A shootout win!

Pre-game stuffs:

  • I need to stop feeling like it’s super weird to see hear Don and Ron behind the opposite bench…. It’s hard though… D:
  • So let me get this straight…. we’re without Maxwell (because Lapierre was being an idiot and got suspended for a dangerous and senseless hit and the Habs needed a player) and no David because… he ran into Maxwell or.. Trotter or someone in practice…… vraiment, David….. je n’aime pas ca…. :|
  • Flandersdude: you have to be happy with the end result of the (Hammies vs Phantoms) game? Guy:…. yeah……. (read: no).
  • hey… did he just seriously say that the Hammies were “psyched up” for the game?? Heeeheee. I find that hilarious and great at the same time.

First period

  • Newbie!! I see hear you!
  • I’m hearing lots of Newbie and Patches so far \o/
  • Aww, I feel so bad for Angelo Esposito. I remember him as a Junior (never saw him play though) D: Poor guy…
  • Whaaaaaah…. Weber hit the post D:
  • Depressing stat of the hour: Hammies haven’t had a shot on goal for the last four mins.
  • Sanford is stop pucks with his head now D:
  • YAY!!!!!!!!!!! RRRRRRRYAAAAAAAAN RUSSELL!!!!! 1-1!!!
  • Okay first period over. So far so good!

First period intermission thingy

  • Hello Mr. Wolves play by play guy. You sound like a nice guy. Granted, you’re saying nice stuff about my Hammies so yeah… but still! maybe I should listen in on the Wolves guy after?

Second period

  • AND THEY SCOOOOOOOOOORE! Wyman! Apparently PK had a super beautiful assist too (as evidenced by the “Oh baby what a goal!”). YAY!!!!!! 2-1!
  • Nice stop by Sanford there…
  • PK is the highest point getting defenseman in a single season in Hammies history now =)
  • These posts…. White hits the post now…. Why do they have such FAT posts in Hamilton?
  • Okay so it’s good when the posts are saving the Hammies… ! Yes, I am a homer.
  • Pooh on goalies pretending to be snow angels and stopping the puck (Yes, MacIntyre, I’m glaring at you).
  • Benoit breaks the all time point record for defensemen for the Hammies? or some record like that? yay!
  • I hear fans. Are there fans in Hammie-town tonight?!
  • Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 3-2. BOOO!
  • Second period is now over. It’s weird not saying “and (insert Hammie’s name here) heads off to the penalty box”. Weird in a good way. I like this.
  • Flandersdude: you will have to ask David Desharnais about Don, Ron and Guy. Al: they all have three letter names. Flandersdude: yeah and David and I have five letters in our name. Me: And I have…. oh never mind…..

Third period

  • Hey.. I don’t like periods starting with “and in the first minute we almost had a tied game”.
  • Hey look! A PP! Can we have a goal (for the HAMMIES)?
  • Did Chelios just crosscheck Subban? =/
  • Are they seriously playing “You really got me” in Copps Coliseum? If you watched American Idol three years ago, you will know that that song was song (in the most horrendous fashion) by Sanjaya. Wait… did I just admit to watching American Idol? In my defense, I only watched one season.
  • hmmm PP for the Wolves…….. I liked this game better when there were no penalties.
  • … well, that went by quick. No goal. Yay.
  • Jeez what is going on here?! End to end chances o.O It’s like Wolves get a chance, Newbie goes crashing the net… Wolves get a chance… Trotter gets cross-checked like three times in a row and there’s no penalty….
  • *headdesk* 3-3. Way to pull a Juniors, guys…. (more on THEM later).
  • YAAAAAAAY! 4-3!!!!!!! Can we win now?!!!
  • I guess that’s a “no”. It’s 4-4 now. Cue threats of a bagskate.
  • To OT we go….. That’s okay, Hammies.. I didn’t want to watch something at 10:00……..


  • Newbie, you were close….. D:
  • umm other stuff happened. I would have typed it up, but my finger is bleeding right now and I’m getting blood all over my keyboard and it’s gross….


  • the least you need to know: Brrrrrrrrock Trotter, Rrrrrrryan Rrrrussell and Shawn Belle scored and the Hammies wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! Newbie got stopped by MacIntyre. But I want to keep him anyway!


In other news

  • Juniors pressed the BabyBenchWarmer into service against the Tigres. They came within 2 minutes of winning the game, let the Tigres tie it and then proceeded to lose in a shootout. Normally I would congratulate them for getting to a shootout against one of the top teams in the league… but to come within two minutes of winning? Who do you think you are? The Habs? D:
  • Volitgeurs stepped over the Huskies 4-2. Philippe got a shorty and Dumont obviously also got a goal too xP
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6 Responses to Hammies vs Wolves: YAY!!! A shootout win! A shootout win!

  1. Number31 says:

    Nooooo BabyMarcoux!

  2. Poor thing. I don’t know what happened… Berube was in nets for about a minute (not exaggerating either) at one point near the end of the first period and then he wasn’t in nets again….. it was weird….. D:

  3. Grrrreg says:

    I see some French in that post. I like that…

    And yay again for the Hammies! I think I need to buy a Hammies shirt or something.

  4. I probably should make more of an effort to write in French :D

    And YES you NEED to buy a Hammmies shirt. EVERYONE needs a Hammies shirt :D

  5. Number31 says:

    Ya Marcoux had equipment problems so Berube came in for a bit then Marcoux came right back and gave up an unfortunate goal. He was playing amazing though, nothing he could do on that…it’s like when the Habs DON’T WIN FACEOFFS IN THE D-ZONE! :E :E :E Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  6. Oh is that what it was? Poor BabyBenchWarmer. I don’t really blame him for the score. He’s just a baby and the Tigres are very good right now D:

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