Hammies vs Phantoms: Wyman + hat trick = WIN

First period

  • missed the first five mins due to drinking cider eating dinner…
  • Well, apparently I got back just in time for everyone to head off to the penalty box. Phantoms getting a 4 on3 PP.
  • Hmmm nothing is happening here (other than people going to the penalty box)…
  • Hey, Hammies, I distinctly remember your play by play guys saying that this was a “red flag” game. Meaning, the potential for you all snoozing was high given 1) how good you are and how stinky the Phantoms are and 2) the fact that you spent all your time fighting the Marlies on Sunday and will play the Wolves on Friday (so you probably weren’t interested at all in this game).
  • Oh hello there! Someone is listening to me or something! HAMMIES SCORE! 1-0! We don’t know who scored it. Could have been anyone….
  • And they’re giving it to Wyman!
  • And Stewie is going to the box now. Seriously, are they hiding candy in there or something? Because everyone is going to the penalty box tonight. Sheesh.
  • and just like that, the first period finished

Second period

  • IceFail in Hammietown again. There are puddles of water again D: Hammies go off side because someone got the puck stuck in a puddle of water… Henry falls into a puddle…. Sheesh…
  • oh, Stephenson (the Phantoms one) is off to the box now.
  • How to start world war three on ice: shower the opposing goalie in “snow”.
  • ummm Momina… you’re not the goalie… ergo, you can’t hang on to the puck like that. Let go of it!!!!
  • Are Flandersdude and Al talking about sorbet while Benoit is playing goalie too by stopping a definite goal for the Phantoms?
  • And let the parade to the penalty box continue….
  • Poop. Dude hit the post, dude puts in rebound. Tied game. 1-1. That would be the first goal that the Phantoms have scored against the Hammies this year, by the way. Only took them about 130 minutes to do it….
  • Quick whistles SUCK when it means that Phantoms goalie doesn’t have the puck and the Hammies could have had a chance to knock it in and score. Poop.
  • Nice to see Teddy drank something with caffeine in it before the game. Whatever you had, Teddy, you better share it with the rest of the team after this period.
  • ZzZzZz…

Second period intermission thingy

  • Hi Newbie! All I know about you is that you know Patches….. do you come with a nickname? (because Palushaj is kinda long and not fun to type in a hurry).
  • Newbie just said “tenacity”. Have you  been listening to Burkie? It’s okay. We’ll work on that!
  • Newbie sounds like a decent guy. Looking forward to seeing err hearing about him, on Friday!
  • You know what? I think I just dubbed Palushaj “Newbie”. We’re going to call him Newbie from now on, k?

Third period

  • Do I need to air condition that rink to get the ice to freeze or something? :|
  • And now a Phantom is off to the box…. Can we PLEASE score now? (we, being the Hammies. Just to be specific).
  • Ewwwww…..One of the line’s guys is bleeding everywhere on the ice D: I hope he’s okay… that sounds pretty nasty…
  • Oh for crying out loud…. Let’s have a contest to see who can stay OUT of the penalty box the longest. Winner gets…. well, they get to feel special for not going to the penalty box!
  • Okay, Flandersdude, please… I don’t need a play by play of the puddle of blood on the ice…. I’m not really squeamish about this stuff, but still… that’s just yucky…. D: Someone mop that blood up, please!
  • WHOOOOOO!! Rrrrrrrrrrryan Russell!!! 3-1!!!!!
  • I would have died of shock if that Stewie/Conboy/St.Denis three on one rush had turned into a goal…..
  • EN. Ever since Sunday, I have a morbid fear of empty nets….. D:
  • YAAAAAAY WYMAN! Hat trick!!!!! 4-1.
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18 Responses to Hammies vs Phantoms: Wyman + hat trick = WIN

  1. JustinM says:

    Palushaj…how in the hell do you pronounce that? It looks like someone threw letters at my screen.

    Either way, scouts say he’s a future top 6 guy. That sounds better than D’Agostini to me.

  2. I THINK it’s pronounced “Pal-oo-shay”. I THINK. Yet another reason why I’m calling him “Newbie”. I can pronounce “Newbie” D:

    He sounds like an improvement for sure over Dagger. I mean, I liked Dagger, but he was just not doing well here at all… Time for a change.

  3. Grrrreg says:

    I love that Palushaj name. It’s intriguing.

    And both Halak and Price are still there! Woohoo Gauthier! \o/

  4. Newbie has a nicer ring to it :D

    And YES my goalies are staying put! WHOOOOOOO!

  5. Justin says:

    Paskldjglasdkj the n00b!

  6. DogsPA says:

    EP – long time reader, first time caller…er writer. Yeah. Aaron’s name is pronounced Pah-LOO-shigh. At least it is until we butcher it in our pronunciation guide. Hence soo-BAHN. *shudder*
    Keep writing! And thanks for not crucifying me. Yet.

  7. Justin – :D

    DogsPA – yay! Good to know how to say Newbie’s name right :D I wouldn’t crucify you! Um who are you? XP

  8. DogsPA says:

    Sorry – thought the handle was blunt enough. I’m Aaron, the PA announcer at Copps. You’re watching the Habs/Sharks game, right?! We might actually pull this off!

  9. DogsPA says:

    Right then. Allow me to revise that comment to “We might actually blow this game!”

  10. Vraiment? Seriously? o.O Sorry, I wasn’t paying full attention before…

    Yeah… Habs just… blew that one….. Gah….. :|

  11. DogsPA says:

    Yup :) That hilarious tyrade by Gloomie the other night in the penalty box was all about Taffe not fighting him. Gloomie was screaming at Taffe to take the tape off his hand. Taffe said he couldn’t scrap with a hand injury, so Gluu lost it.

  12. Niiiice :D Taffe should have fought him. Reminds me of the time that Steve Ott was cheap hitting the Habs all night. Stewie finally offers to fight him and Ott waives his hand in his face, basically saying he was too injured to fight. Pfft.

  13. JustinM says:

    Okay, Palushaj like Budaj. Makes sense.

    And Mr. Hockey Minnesota has no need of fisticuffs. :)

  14. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Yes!!!!!! That makes a ton of sense now that you say that!!!! Palushaj. Budaj. NOW I NEED TO KNOW THE ORIGIN OF NEWBIE’S NAME!

    EDIT (oh yes, I can edit comments in WP!!!): The ever unreliable Wikipedia says he’s “Albanian American”. Albania… Slovakia (Budaj is Slovak)…. Not exactly close geographically… I mean….. it’s closer than say Japane and Albania…….but Albania is close to Serbia and Croatia and I kinda spent much too much time practicing Serbia/Croatia names (thanks for nothing Novak Djokovic). So yeah. Pah-loo-shy (not, sheee!).

  15. JustinM says:

    Yeah, just looking at some notable Albanian Americans on Wikipedia, the -aj ending is pretty common. It’s possible, I suppose, that Budaj is ethnic Albanian.

  16. Now we need someone to ask Budaj if his family is originally from Albania :D Although maybe it’ll be like Douglas Murray… his family came to Sweden from Scotland in like the 15th century or something…… xP

  17. Number31 says:


    Man… Carey needs some players with some killer instinct infront. Only reason why that Sharks game went the way it did. They ain’t gonna make the playoffs if they stop skating like that… And Lappy being an idiot didn’t help either.

    Habs need more Bulldogs, yep.

  18. Chalupa the Newbie!!! :D

    Poor Carey… he really deserved to win that one D:

    *kicks Lappy* UGH. Idiot. :|

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