Someone needs to give Jaro a huge hug! He looked soooo sad…. Poor Jaro. Poor Slovakia. Uh… okay, not poor Chara. Or Gaborik. Or Hossa. Or… etc. But yeah…


Poor team D: Someone needs to give Jaro a bucket load of chocolate milk when he comes back…

On the bright side, it’s their best ever result…..and I have to be honest, seeing Koivu looking happy is pretty sweet. I still miss Koivu!

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3 Responses to *SOBS*

  1. Shan says:

    I still miss Koivu too. Nice to see him medal especially as this is probably his last Olympics.

    I guess I sorta like Selanne too, but I don’t really know why. He just seems cool.

    I don’t hate Gabby. I mean, what’d he ever do wrong? He’s just a wicked player who gets hurt way too much. Demitra is alright.

    But too bad for Jaro :( I really wanted Slovakia to win.

    Well, no matter what happens tomorrow, it should be fun. And then we can get back to NHL hockey… and hopefully a healthy Habs squad?

  2. Grrrreg says:


  3. Eternal Pessimist says:

    Shan – I don’t really hate Gaborik all that much.. I just dont’ really care about him. Kinda the same with Salenne. I kinda missed his entire career and he plays for a team that I never follow so I don’t really care =(

    And I’m not sure what your definition of “fun” is, but I’m already freaking out about the game :D

    Grrrreg – noooooooooooo! Well, it was at 10:00 my time so you should have been asleep anyway D:

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