My lousy attempt to not follow Olympic stuff…

Voltigeurs! Voltigeurs are in Quebec to beat up the Remparts (again)!

First period

  • Look, I know you’re all eager to beat up the Remparts, but you could have waited to score until I had finished ranting about the horrendous singing of the national anthems that I’ve been subjected to recently. Anyway, Sean scores! It’s 1-0! Yeah, yeah, Gabriel had an assist…
  • Okay guys…. Seriously. It’s RUDE to interrupt people. Where are your manners?! 2-0. Toni The Ex-Junior Ritter has the goal!
  • Hello….? Where did the pace of this game go to? THERE IS NO PACE. You can’t have pace when the whistle keeps blowing!!!!
  • There was an attempt at a goal! yay! Something interesting!
  • Oo another attempt at a goal! Ritter this time!
  • Ew. That is the lamest and ugliest “Let’s go Remparts” chants ever….
  • Well, that was a rather uneventful end to the period… aside from the random shots by the Remparts on Jake… GO AWAY REMPARTS.

Second period!

  • I’m actually frazzling over the women’s curling game right now. I don’t know anything about curling and I don’t really like this thing but it’s CANADA. We’re supposed to be okay at this sport thing too.
  • Words I like: Arret Jake Allen (goes well with “et le but”. Not that this Voltigeurs guys actually say that though).
  • Words I don’t really like “deux belle chance pour les Voltigeurs”. I don’t want good chances. I want GOALS.
  • Okay, so went off to check this hilarious interview thingy with Nabby (who sounds oddly squeakier than I thought he would sound) and then I come back to the Voltigeurs game and SEAN SCOOOOOOOORES! 3-0!
  • Okay, I lied. “Arret Jake Allen” sounds really good when the Remparts are taking a gazillion shots on him.
  • WHAT?  ANOTHER penalty for the Voltigeurs? I do not approve of this habit of taking five million penalties like this!
  • THANK YOU JAKE ALLEN. Your team owes you a beer or something (just remember, don’t drink on the ice with IOC officials sitting around).

Third period

  • We’re in curling’s version of OT. Poop. Juniors are up 1-0 so far over the Olympiques.
  • That Lefebvre they’re talking about better be Philippe and not the Remparts one…. Okay, phew, it was the Voltigeurs one.
  • Well looky here… the Remparts finally get a penalty.
  • And no goal. Poopy.
  • Hey… the game is over already? I missed the entire third period?

Well, Jaro’s on TV now… I really wish I could cheer for Slovakia but I can’t…….GO CANADA GO

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2 Responses to My lousy attempt to not follow Olympic stuff…

  1. Shan says:

    Great game. And Jaro looked good! It was sorta win-win, but mostly WIN.

  2. Eternal Pessimist says:

    it was… it was… well, see the new post :D

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