SLOVAKIA BEAT SWEDEN! THAT MEANS JARO (and I guess Chara….and Gaborik….and Hossa….) WINS! EEEEEEE! JARO. 
I hate you Canada though…. You smack down my second favorite player in a seriously embarrassing fashion and now you’re going to try to smack my favorite goalie – my favorite player too – around?!?! BAH. 
I don’t approve. I don’t approve at all. Not. One. Bit. 
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3 Responses to HALAK IT!

  1. Shan says:

    Maybe you ought to try to find a Canadian to support?I know Halak rules, but Luongo is pretty awesome too. I found myself shoutin Luuuuuu at the screen. He's a good goalie, cap'n canuck, from Quebec. Plus he's way out in the other conference not interfering with the Habs or Caps. What else d'ya need?

  2. Dave says:

    Or you could root for the US… (okay, okay, I know that's not going to happen)I was actually kind of relieved – Russia getting knocked out means I have no hesitation in rooting for the US – although I think if it comes down to a US-Canada final, Canada is going to clean their clock. Looks like Ovie is okay so we came out pretty much injury free – that was my main hope for this tournament.Current and former Caps still in it yesterday morning – 5 current Caps, 7 players who used to be Caps, 1 ex-coach, 1 ex-player/now GM, 1 ex-player/now coach. Still standing – 0 current players, 3 former players and 2 in management. Kind of a brutal day for Caps fans (we only hold a grudge against one of our former players in the Olympics… let's just say that while I feel bad for Flash, I'm glad the Czech Republic is out.)

  3. Shan – Meh, Luu's okay too, I guess. He's not Jaro though :D Dave – Sorry….. it's nothing personal…. I love my USA friends butbutbutbut your team….. it's coached by RON WILSON and has PHIL KESSEL on it. AND MILLER. I really started hating Miller when he single-handedly beat the Caps earlier this year :DGlad Ovie seems okay. He's going to come back to the NHL and pound everyone like he pounded Jagr :D Yeah, we only have one very awesome Hab and one very awesome ex-Hab left =(

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