Goalie abuse….!

So the Juniors beat the MAINiacs 9-7 tonight….. Not a pretty night for the goalies – to say the least… It was pure goalie abuse. Berube has a history of stinking against Lewiston and he continued to prove that he doesn’t like Lewiston by being stinky to the point where he was pulled before we even reached the midway point of the first period. So if Berube gets pulled… who do they put in? Poor Baby Marcoux! The poor BabyBenchWarmer has hardly played all season. He just gets to well, warm the bench….. I guess 4 goals on 26 shots is better than 3 goals on 4 shots (which is what Berube gave up). At least Berube got pulled. Lemay was stuck in nets for 8 goals (one was an empty netter). That was just…. not nice…. Poor guy.


I really couldn’t follow the stupid game very easily. I was stuck with the MAINEiacs guys and they kept messing up EVERYONE’s names…I was almost thankful that Berube got pulled because they kept calling him “BearoooBEE”.  Seriously. Bearoobee. I had no idea who my own players were anymore. That plus the fact that Lewiston does not seem to have a goal horn and the fact that the MAINEiacs guys reacted the same way to all 16 goals made it super hard to tell who scored….. Bearoobee…… seriously……

But in summary it was like:

First period: Lewiston scores just 44 seconds in….. Provost scores! Tied game! Lewiston scores. Lewiston scores again and Bearoobee is pulled for the BabyBenchWarmer……. Thorne scores! The play by play guys forgot to mention this…. that or I totally missed it because every goal sounds the same with these guys.

Second period: Lewiston scores…… Brenton scores!. Lewiston scores. Poopy. David Rose scores!!! Chouinard scores!!!!

Third period: Chouinard scores! We’re leading! Lewiston scores….Tied…. Chouinard scores! Hat trick! We’re leading again! Chouinard scores again. And again?!!!!!!!! Lewiston scores. Somehow I missed this goal entirely.

Did I get all the goals in there? There were like, only 16 of them in all…. Chouinard had FIVE goals in case you lost count….


Yeah, wasn’t really going to write this up but it was just too hilarious to write all the goals….. =p

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