EP’s guide for who to cheer for at the Olympics

What the title said!

Group A

Reason to cheer for: Uh, it’s Canada. Even if they have next to no likable players on their team, if you’re Canadian, you’re probably going to have to cheer for them.
Reason not to cheer for: It’s Canada. This is the country that brought you Crysob. And Heatley. And Twerpy Perry. And Richards. And Chubby Marty. And, and and….. I could go on here….. I guess if you’re not Canadian, you’re probably pretty sick of us getting a little obnoxious about our hockey….

Reason to cheer for: …………….. I guess if you’re a Leafs fan there’s always Kessel……………..?
Reason not to cheer for: Burke made this team. Ron Wilson’s coaching it. A lot of Americans don’t even like their team.

Reason to cheer for: How can you not like the Swiss? And they have Weber too!
Reason not to cheer for: Just dont’ root for them when they play Canada :D

Reason to cheer for: nobody knows anyone on the team and it feels good to cheer for teams that nobody knows about.
Reason not to cheer for: Who cheers for Norway anyway?

Group B

Reason to cheer for: OVIE. And Markov!!!
Reason not cheer for: Um it’s Russia. They already have two world championship titles in the last two, they don’t need a gold medal too, do they? Nope.

Czech Republic
Reason to cheer for: TURTLE-PLEKY!
Reason not to cheer for: The jerks left Hammer and Spacek off the team :D Also, you just KNOW they’re going to ruin Pleky’s name…. nobody ever gets it right….

Reason to cheer for: Jaro “I love chocolate milk” Halak.
Reason not to cheer for: It’s tempting to say Chara is a good reason not to, but we love Jaro so much around here that we’ll forgive Chara for being a Booin for the Olympics.

Reason to cheer for: They’re in a group with Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. That is a good reason to cheer for them.
Reason not to cheer for: Because you’ll get a headache listening to the play by play guys botching up their names.

Group C

Reason to cheer for: Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie. Pie.
Reason not to cheer for: Those Creepy Twins. Enough said.

Reason to cheer for: Koivu! And Younger Koivu!
Reason not to cheer for: Let’s see… Pitkanen, the Ruutus, still don’t like Hagman, Jokinen is freaky, Timonen is a Flyer, Niittymaki and Kukkonen are ex-Flyers….

Reason to cheer for: Um they’ll have Sergei?
Reason not to cheer for: Grabovsky isn’t healthy enough to play, is he?

Reason to cheer for: Because they have more NHLers on their team than I thought so someone somewhere has to know some of them.
Reason not to cheer for: Wait…. Marco Sturm the Booin is German?!

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