No comment

We have no comments about the game tonight.

Well, okay, we do.

1) Hope Gorges is okay.


3) that “offside” goal wasn’t offside because the Caps put it into their own zone. Not offside.

4) that should have been a goal for Ovie. Period. The puck went off of Gill. It was a goal. This crap rule where you can call players for interference, waive off the goal and then not give them a penalty, is crap. Not to mention the refs NEVER explained why the hell they waived the goal off after calling it a goal originally.

5) What happened to Neuvy? And while we’re on the topic of goalies…. I dont’ want to hear a word any ANY of the goalies. Not, about Neuvy unless you’re going to tell me what happened to him, not about Price, not about Jose, Jaro or Simmy the Twitching Goalie. Dont’ want to hear whining and complaining about the goalies.

6) REF YOU SUCK BIG TIME. All around, the reffing was BRUTAL. No many no-calls and sh!t calls… horrible….

7) hey, I’m watching the Oilers/Ducks game and I keep calling Bobby Ryan “Blobby”. Anyone know why I’m calling him this? Because I have NO idea why and yet every time I hear his name I call him “Blobby Ryan”. Bizarre. Also, the Ducks goal horn sounds like a dying animal….

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