Hammies vs Baby Yotes: Ho hum… another shutout…..

Pre-game stuffs 

  • Flandersdude says on paper the Baby Yotes shouldn’t be able to compete with the Hammies, but apparently games are played on ice and not on paper. Why can’t games be played on paper? At least the games in which my Hammies are supposed to be better than the opposition……. 
  • Sheeesh…….the Rampage are on a 14 game road trip. The Habs have to leave in March because Disney on Ice comes to down (damn you Disney on Ice!!!) and the Baby Yotes have to leave because of some rodeo thing (damn you rodeo stuffs!). 
  • Okay, why are we still talking about the Baby Yotes…..? Can we please talk about something else –
  • ….WAIT POGGE IS WITH THE RAMPAGE RIGHT NOW?! (damn you, suspended Iowa Chops which have led to Ducks prospects being strewn across the continent!!). EDIT: OKAY NEVER MIND. HE WAS RE-CALLED WHEN VESA WENT TO THE DUCKS. YOU CAN ALL RELAX NOW. 
  • Awww no Al tonight… He’s sick D: (damn you crappy whether that makes people sick).
  • So if you have two goalies who play well in Hamilton, it’s not a goalie controversy, but if you have two goalies who play well in Montreal, it’s a flipping controversy. Gotcha…………….. (damn you Montreal media). 
  • Oh squeaky kids in Hammie-town, you are so delightfully out of tune and adorably squeaky. I wuvs you. 
  • Wait… did Flandersdude say “Hollweg”. UGH. Go away Earwig….. Yes, it’s been a while since the Hammies played the baby Yotes so I’m forgetting everything I didn’t really know about them…. 
  • Hammies are trading PP chances with the Baby Yotes…… =/ 
  • Apparently this period is brought to me by some vacuum place……? My brain feels like it’s being vacuumed out of my head…. I’m so tired………..
  • eh….. they’re giving away chocolate at this Pink in the Rink thing? Did I hear that right? Man, if I ate chocolate, I’d be on the next buss to Hammie-town.  While we’re talking about pink……When you go to the Hammies site and this page thingy comes up and advertises for this Pink in the Rink thing, the page isn’t pink. It’s purple. EDIT: now the page is gone. Oh well…..
  • Why is David on a 11 game point streak? And why is Flandersdude making me wait until after this annoying commercial break to tell me……? What the heck was that commercial about anyway? All I heard was “blah blah blah David… blah blah blah gladiators… blah blah blah Upper James Street”… Makes me sense to me either….
  • Okay, Benoit didn’t get an assist on PK’s goal when he scored against the Admirals in their first game…. they gave it to David. Whoopy!
  • Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrock Trrrrrrrrrrotttttteeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrr! 1-0!!!!!!! 
  • Gluu is off to the box…..I thought Guy said he wanted the Hammies to stay out of the box? Speaking of Gluu… Gluu Junior isn’t named David….. I find this sad….. mind you, Gluu Junior still has a nice name but it’s not David……….. 

  • What did I miss? What did I miss? What did I miss? I was trying to put anti-flea stuff on one of my animals (one of those preventative things…. no, I don’t have fleas in my house). Apparently I didn’t miss anything. 
  • Oops.. the ice is all dead again in Hammie-town….. Cue a break which will contain commercials that I have no idea what they’re advertising for!
  • So here’s  how this game is working tonight: Rampage take a penalty, Hammies take a penalty, Rampage take a penalty, Rampage take another penalty, Hammies take a penalty, Rampage take a penalty…. 
  • HEY. What is with that shorty attempt by the Rampage? =/
  • WHOOOHOOO! Someone scores somehow! 3-0!!! Apparently it bounced off the crossbar, didn’t go in despite the goal light going off, “bounced around like an Indian rubber ball” and THEN it went it… which apparently makes it Pyatt’s or PK’s goal and not David’s (who hit the goal post)…… EDIT: it’s PK’s goal. 
  • SMACK EARWIG. SMACK HIM LIKE A BUG. Seriously…….. you don’t whack a Hammie like that…. SMACK HIM. 
  • Did you notice that I’ve had a recent love-affair with typing in caps (haha wrote “Caps” there) lately???
THIRD PERIOD (More caps!!!!) 
  • Earwig is in the box for five mins. White is also in there for something for some amount of time I’ve forgotten….
  • Man…… I’m falling asleep here………. you know what I’d like right about now? A nice goalie fight in the Sens/Slugs game I’ve got on the TV…
  • EEEEEEEEEEE! DAVID! 4-0!!! Never mind. This is a lot better!!! YAY! And Trotter now has four points on the night. “Another so-so night for Brock Trotter”. 
  • Okay, this game can end any time now! I’m pleased with this score right now. I mean, the Hammies can always score more goals, but I don’t need the Baby Yotes scoring. 
  • Hmm is that “Put Your Hands Up In the Air” I hear playing in Hammie-town?
  • hdkjahdkjhdkshjas stupid Earwig……… 
  • Scrum! Scrum! Scrum! Scrum! Twerpy ex-Amerks guy is all ticked off because St. Denis hit him. 
  • WHEEEEEEE! Hammies wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!
Brock Trotter is on a real hot streak right now. Actually, apparently he is “as hot as a firecracker. Maybe hotter depending on the type of firecracker.” 
Seriously. My Hammies are awesome. Unless you’re a Bears fan, you can’t say your team is as awesome as mine.
Speaking of the Bears… I really wish I could be a Bears fan but somehow I’m feeling some animosity towards them. Totally bizarre considering my Caps-love, I know, but it’s the truth. Still, it’s probably a good sign that I don’t like them right now because I’ve disliked just about every team that I’m currently following :D
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