Oh. Em. Gee. The Leafs did WHAT?

Forget Phaneuf. Forget the fact that they got Giggy.

THE LEAFS GOT RID OF VESA. Our Vesa. Our favorite failtender in conference (aside from Biron). DAMN YOU LEAFS. How could you?! HOW COULD YOU?

I’m actually going to miss Vesa. I won’t miss that man purse though. That was creepy. But I’m going to miss Vesa and his faily-ness. I’m going to miss The Society of Habs Fans Who Feel Bad For Vesa. I’m going to miss watching him and simultaneously laughing at him and feeling bad for him when he flubs a perfectly stoppable shot. I’m going to miss my team facing Vesa and knowing that we instantly had the advantage over the Leafs (although, wasn’t Vesa in nets for that 3-0 loss to the Leafs? Okay, scratch that last sentence).

Have fun back in California, Vesa. It was great to have you here in all your faily glory. You’re still my favorite failtender. Even if you’re off failing on the other side of the continent. Sorry Anaheim  Koivu and Chipper, but your team just got a lot failier by default.

Byebye Vesa!!

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