Hammies drop Griffins

There is nothing nicer than beating the team that beat you in the playoffs. After that 7-3 pasting of the Griffins, the Hammies came back and pasted them 5-2. It was nice.

Gluuu FINALLY snapped his second? third? fourth? Fifth? goaless streak and scored two goals and ended the two with four points! And no, David didn’t get one assist on Gluu’s goals. I’m both shocked and totally happy for Gluu. Yay! Here’s hoping his BFF isn’t too upset about it.

Gluu came THIS close to getting a hat trick but he couldn’t put it into the empty net so… Brrrrock Trotter who already had two goals put it in the empty net instead. Hat trick for Trotter! YAY!

Actually, the only ugly thing was Teddy coughing up the puck when he showed everyone that he can’t really stick handle the puck. The gaffe resulted in the Griffins second goal… Someone please teach the goalies in the system how to stick handle the puck. PLEASE. Everyone in the system needs to have lessons. Except for Price.

On a whole it was nice. I just need the Hershey Bears to lose in regulation time so the Hammies can have a chance at catching up to them. Flandersdude and I agree that it would be nice if the Hammies finished the year on top of the league.

A few other things….

  • Juniors lose 4-2 to the Sea Dogs. We should be thankful that the score was this close. Thank you Berube. No thanks to the Sea Dogs play by play guys who annoyed the crap out of me. 
  • Lake Erie totally own the Amerks right now. 
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