Well, that didn’t last long….

Niagara traded Alex Pietrangelo, some other guy and SIMILA to the Barrie Colts today.

This is a huge pity because I was starting to like Niagara. They have some good play by play guys and their PA is a lot less annoying than the Pete’s PA guy. Oh well. Simila going to Barrie means that we’ll just have to follow the Colts instead of the IceDogs. I feel kinda bad (particularly because unlike everyone else, the Colts are actually a good team and I always feel guilty abandoning a bad team for a good team) but hey, the OHL comes second third fourth in my heart so I maybe I shouldn’t feel too bad……? It’s not like I’m cheering for Windsor or anything….. I mean… the Colts are only second in the OHL…. with… only 27 games above .500….. I mean… I know Niagara hasn’t even won 27 games but….. yeah….. poor Niagara!!! I wuvs you little faily IceDogs!!! D:

Also… I just realized that we have a huge problem.

The Colts don’t really wear red.

I mean.. they have a tiny bit of red…. like SUPER tiny……

So. Do I do I really have to dump the IceDogs for the Colts? D: D: D: I’ll add a poll and you can vote. Depending on the results, I may or may not listen to you *G*

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