I want to be in charge of arranging my teams schedules….

No games yesterday, no games tomorrow but a packed schedule today? =/

Shut up! Oh my god, TSN…. you guys have to be the least original and creative play-by-play guys on the planet…..Yes, we know that the Flames got some lovely picks out of the Tanguay trade and Montreal is left with nada, yes we know that Brandon Kozun – like Tyler Myers last year – was born in the USA and could have played for them at the Worlds but choose to play for Canada instead, yes we know where Vancouver is, yes we  know that Eberle had the most awesome goal ever when he tied the game up with 6 seconds left against the Russians last year…….How do we know this? Why you mentioned at least five times today on top of the ten or or so times you mentioned it in the last two games! Oh and you fail at saying Schlumpf’s name. The Voltigeurs guys say it so much better. Hehehe.

Oh and yeah, Canada won 6-0 over the Swiss! McMillan with the hat trick! Yay! Boy oh boy am I glad that the Russians are in Sweden’s group this year…. We’re still stuck with the Americans though….

Capsfail…. So happy I didn’t see THAT Caps/Whalercanes game live. Caps lose 6-3. *sighs* This is what happens when you trade your captain on a game day!!!!

ARGHHHHHH At one point my teams (minus the Caps) were all up 2-1. Of course it went downhill from there..

Juniors lost it 3-2….. Really not impressed with this team right now…. I know they can be better than this. I really think they have a lot more potential. *sighs*

Voltigeurs went down 4-2. But then! The they decided not to fail anymore. And scored FIVE goals to win the game 7-4. HAHAHAHA. Brunelle’s hat trick tied the game at 4. Philippe had two assists. Dumont had a goal and an assist. Sean potentially ruined the game by being in the box went the Cataractes tied it (before adding another one immediately after). Nice come from behind win for the Voltigeurs though. Nice to see them not blow a game to the Cataractes for once. AHEM.

Hammmies wiiiiiiiiiin! YAY! I was SO hoping that they would be mad after losing to the Amerks the other night and would want to come out and stomp on the Marlies. Well… didn’t look like it at first. Marlies go on board first but PK SUBBAN tied it up. Sounded really awesome. Conboy put them up 2-1 and then they lost it…. and then Guy must have threatened them with a bagskate in the second intermission because totally dominated the third period. Weber finally scored again! And David had two (his second coming off a tip in from a shot by Weber). Too bad we didn’t get to play the Marlies last week instead of the Amerks. Oh well. Hammies beat the Marlies so that’s all that counts. The Marlies tried to start crap after they lost but nobody was paying attention to them. They lost.

Flandersdude keeps pointing out that the Marlies lost 7-0 at home the other night. He really doesn’t like them, does he? *g*

Now Habs…. You are beyond frustrating right now. I think you must all be bi-polar because that was just a ridiculously stupid game. You had a fantastic start. Just like in Toronto. Squishy had the Habs 20,000th goal. It was a really nice one. But then  you sat on the damn lead and just like in the game in Toronto, you BLEW IT. And unlike in Toronto, you lost. Who thought sitting on leads was a great idea? WHO? And how thought that games could be won if they just rely on their PP and their goalie? It doesn’t work! I repeat. It’s a recipe for total disaster.

Don’t blame Jaro for this one. No, he wasn’t brilliant, but a team shouldn’t need to rely on brilliant goaltending night after night after night after…. etc…. to win all the time.

This game was winnable. This game SHOULD have been won by the Habs. I’m particularly mad because it’s the damn Sens. adjhaklsdhjaklsdhaklsdhaklsdhaklsj…………………..

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