Hammies finally down the Amerks!


Hammies beat the Amerks! EEEEE!

It wasn’t pretty but they won!

  • Guy sounds like he’s got a cold.. that or he spent too much time yelling at the Hammies last night and the night before….. 
  • Flandersdude: OH MY GOD. That was AWFUL. (re: the woman singing the national anthems in Rochester). If he says it’s awful, it has to be awful (I missed most of it because I was trying to catch some of the Voltigeurs game). The bit I heard was awful…
  • Ugh go away Salak. I don’t like you at all. 
  • Poo! Got his first goal as a Hammie. Yay! on the PP too! 
  • Salak literally killed himself on that goal and now he’s leaving… bring in… Beckford-Tseu. Neilson called him Becksy so we’ll call him that too. 
  • Ergh… Steiner tied it up….
  • Guy’s not going to be happy with this. Hammies outwork the Amerks and it’s tied 1-1. 
  • Hey ref, why is my team on the PK? I mean.. are they even on the PK? There’s nobody in the box  but there’s only four Hammies out there. FAIL. 
  • WYMAN! 2-1!
  • OMG DARCHE 3-1! And this is seconds later. 
  • ARGH. Taylor on the PP (BAD WEBER). 3-2. 
  • ASkjasdhakjsdhasj Johnson… 3-3….. RAR………
  • I smell a bagskate coming on… 
  • I swear the Hammies would be winning this by a lot if Becksy wasn’t being so good… 
  • DAAARCHE! 4-3! 
  • Okay, Hammies, you can do this. You can win this. You can… 
  • EPIC FAIL. 4-4. Guy is probably going ballistic right now. That was awful, guys!
  • you know it’s sad that I said that Teddy has been good and Sanford has been awful and this weekend they decided to reverse everything. Sanford had a good night last night and Teddy is being all faily. 
  • You guys can’t lose to the Amerks again. You just can’t… I won’t stand for it!
  • OMG no. Amerks score… @#$%^……..
  • Wait. Amerks don’t score. People are booing. Teddy is getting angry and the ref isn’t telling anyone what happened. 
  • No goal for the Amerks! HAHA. Still no explanation as to why it’s not a goal. It’s Koharski so whatever…  
  • We’re going to OT though….. 
  • I can hear Flandersdude in the commercial on the video feed saying that Neilson wrecked up his goal call of the last goal. Hahahaha….It sounded great with Neilson laughing at the Amerks.  
  • We can rest with the knowledge that the Hammies still beat the Amerks and until said Amerks win on Tuesday, the Hammies are first in the division!
In other news nobody but me cares about… 
  • IceDogs wiiiiiiiin! First time hearing one of their games and I keep forgetting how confusing it is to follow a team for the first time D: Oh well. Visentin was great in nets and the IceDogs won a game that they weren’t supposed to win so yay! 
  • Voltigeurs won too! Finally after blowing too many games to the Cataractes, they finally put this one away in a convincing 5-2 win. Dumont had his requisite goal. No penalty though (shocker, I know). Mr. Captain had an assist on Mr. Ovie of the Q’s goal so I guess he wasn’t dumped on the second line. Poor Philippe though…. He didn’t score…. Vachon was becoming his BFF and now he can’t play with his BFF anymore….. why is everyone so insistent on breaking up the BFFs? D: Dumont also had two more assists on Sean and Randazzo’s goals =) 
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