Back off my Hammies broadcasters, Sabres!

We all know I’m a selfish brat when it comes to my Hammies. I like my Hammies in Hammie-town and I like my Hammies broadcasters in Hammie-town.

Which is why I’m not incredibly thrilled that the Sabres seem interested in Flandersdude.

This better not be the start of something here. I know everyone in Hammie-town dreams of going to the NHL but damnit! it’s FLANDERSDUDE. The guy who got me to listen to the Hammies in the first place. I’ll give up all the Hammies to keep Flandersdude in Hammie-town. YES. ALL OF THEM.

and plus, it’s the SABRES of all teams…. At least it’s not the Leafs… or the Booins…. or the Sens…. but the Sabres?! ewwwwww…….. =/

I really do not approve of this and I hope it’s only temporary. If not… I’m starting a “keep Flanderdude in Hammie-town” petition.

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