Dear Teams: Why do you all win when I leave town?

So…. Teddy added a pile of minutes to his personal shutout streak (which is totally a franchise record) as the Hammies smashed up the Heat. Stupid Heat had to be a pain and end his shutout streak late in the third period. Oh well. Hammies won 5-1 so it’s all good! 

Missed most of the game but it was all good. Johansson came back from being injured and scored a goal. Stevenson had what I believe is his first goal with the Hammies. Or is his second? No, it’s his first. Just checked. It’s Johansson’s first too. Whoooooooo! Brrrrrock Trotter had a goal. And David had a goal. And Russel had a SHORTY. Second shorty for the Hammies this season! C’mon Guy, you have to be happy with that, yes?!
Kinda sad that Teddy didn’t get the shutout though. I blame Flandersdude for saying the S word. He said it and then didn’t want to say it. Then he said it again D: 
Amusing moment of the post-game…. 
Flandersdude: Someone has their TV on REALLY loud. It’s blasting into our headsets…. 
Me: *turns down her TV which is blasting REALLY loud* sorry…. oh wait… it’s not my TV…. 
The Voltigeurs took their anger out on the MAINEiacs and beat them 5-1. Gabriel has now upped his requisite one penalty a game to three penalties a game. Philippe still can’t score…. D: 
And it should come as no surprise that the Juniors won tonight. Meanies always win when I’m not following them….. They squeaked by the Chicoutimi… Cucumbers? I always call them that. I have no idea what their real name is. Anywho, they squeaked by them 3-2! Thank you Parkes, GOOOcheeeee and Thorne! 
Oh and someone tell the Caps that being shutout by Miller is not fun. WIN ON FRIDAY! :D
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