After waking up at what I call an ungodly hour – 6:45 – and sitting on various trains for the next… 18 hours.. I AM HERE.

Would TOTALLY not be announcing my arrival if it were not for the fact that I HAVE to mention a few things (and you were all looking forward to a break from me. Sorry).
  • I passed through four hockey cities. Albany, New York, New Jersey (I see where you Devils play!), Philly… and I met someone in the taxi from Arizona. She said that nobody watches the poor Coyotes. She said they don’t watch them ’cause they suck. As opposed to not watching them because nobody cares about hockey anyway. 
  • OMG. LIKE WHO IS GOING TO GET SUPREME GLOATING RIGHTS WITH THE SENS RELATIVES OVER THE HOLIDAYS? ME! ME! ME! ME! Unless of course, the Habs go on a losing streak…. But right now I’m all like “Jaro is my hero right now! YAAAAAAAAY!”. Did the Habs fans get to sing Ole? Do I have to sing it here in DC? ’cause I will. 
  • oh and Habs.. don’t think I see what you did tonight. You re-called Whitey and then didn’t tell the NHL about it? And hence, they had to yank him from the game. JEEZ. 
  • The Hammies are raffling off gift baskets made up by the players and containing their favorite things. Weber’s will have a pile of Swiss chocolate! Eeee! I don’t even like chocolate but I find that SO cute. And kinda cliched almost :D
  • I kinda wanna be in Dundas to watch the Hammies community practice doodad thingy on Saturday…. D: who wants to go to Dundas, Ontario and report for me? Anyone? Why are there crickets chirping? Fine. Don’t :D
Okay it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m exhausted do… Byebye! *runs off*
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