Byebye Chipper….

[Yeah, like I’m really going to spend time and energy talking about the game last night. I think not. I’ll just sob over Chipper leaving instead]


I was going to write something up about Chipper. I was telling some people that I felt incredibly bad for him. I thought he had a solid season last year with the Hammies. I didn’t expect him to be kept up here with the Habs. While I was happy that he was going to be given a shot at the NHL, it became pretty clear that he was struggling a lot. I felt bad for him because it’s hard to watch any of your guys struggling. I said I fully expected the Habs to waive Chipper once some of the other guys started coming back from injury. I thought at the very least he would be able to go back to Hamilton and get more than 5 minutes of ice time.

Well… clearly the Habs had other ideas.

Chipper is off to Anaheim and the Habs get a fourth round pick in 2011.


I wish Chipper all the best. I hope he gets more than 5 mins of ice time in Anaheim (say “hi” to Koivu for us!). If things don’t work out, maybe he can come back to Hamilton? Please?

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