So….Guy and Flandersdude and everyone else kept saying that the Monsters were going to be all evil and that they’d come out and play really hard after being shutout last night.

Okay so the Monsters did come out and play well but….
  • It’s hilarious how different Guy sounds if his team won the night before. He’ takes losing very seriously and is always a lot happier when his team wins XD
  • Heeey how come Sanford didn’t get the shutout? Poor guy. He was okay enough to sit on the bench by the way. 
  • There wasn’t a whole lot to say about the most of the game actually. The first and third periods saw the Monsters pressing the Hammies but for the most part most of the shots were pretty harmless. 
  • A three minute span saw the Hammies getting all the goals that they needed. 
  • Daaaviiiiid scoooored! And everyone butchered his name. 
  • And theeeen…. Rrrrryaaan Rrrrrruuuussel snuck in and scored while nobody was paying attention because they were all wondering why the PA was ruining David’s name. 
  • AND THEN.. Brrrrrock Trotter scored too! While almost getting knocked over. PA guy says: “Hamilton goal scored by Brock Trotter. Assists to be determined.” Uh okay. 
  • And just before David scored I asked for the Hammies to get it over with and score already :D
  • Poor Monsters actually outshot the Hammies 32-22. Oh well. 
  • I swear I’ve memorized these adds on the Bulldogs radio…. o.<
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