In which I try to follow three games at the same time

On the radio no less! It’s called “procrastinating 101” :D

  • First up is the Voltigeurs! You know how much they love me? They insist on blowing their games every. single. time. I listen to them.
  • Oh hey… why is there no radio feed for Drummondville? Do they not know that the game is at 6:30 our time? Stupid time difference….. 
  • So… I thought New Brunswick was the only bilingual province? How come these poor guys insist on calling Gabriel Dumont “DooMONT”? And who is “Peee-ette”? I have to re-learn who everyone is… o.< I’ll leave Couturier’s name alone considering he’s not actually from Quebec. 
  • Also… I like PichĂ© a lot better than Tardif. A lot better. He’s less faily. 
  • Hammies time!
  • You know this injury thing is a problem when Guy Boucher is saying that it’s ridiculous. If Guy says it’s ridiculous then it’s ridiculous because Guy NEVER says stuff like this. 
  • Maaaaan, Guy is really tough on his players…. He’s all like “I won’t tell the players this, but yeah, I think we played well enough to win” (the games that they lost against Rochester and Houston). Okay. 
  • There are healthy scratches tonight! GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS?! We have HEALTHY players who can play. 
  • Who’s this guy doing the colour commentary? I know you mentioned who he is earlier this week, Flandersdude, but I wasn’t listening when you explained it this time. I believe this guy’s name is Wes. Hi Wes. 
  • Oh hey is that a goal by Maxwell on the PP? Yes? No? Anyone want to check that? No?
  • *waits* 
  • Get the damn lines people out of the way!
  • *still waiting* 
  • Noooo…. PP coming up for the Monsters. Wait… NOW you’re going to see if Maxwell had a goal? 
  • AIEEEE MAXWELL WITH A GOAL! FINALLY! and this means no PP for the Monsters :D
  • Hammies really pressing here. If they’d stop putting it off the crossbar they’d get another goal already. 
  • YAY! Frederic St. Denis with a goal! He just came back tonight too! And “Soo-BAWN” had an assist. Seriously. SooBAWN? 
  • Also… Weiman’s name sounds too much like “Wyman” which has me confuzzled….. 
Okay *runs around changing radios*
  • Oh hey.. the Juniors aren’t losing to Gatineau! They’re not winning either though… Apparently they were winning before…. Poop. 
  • Hahaha… dude on the radio in Montreal says “There’s nothing sexy about Gatineau. They’re just a solid and disciplined team”. It’s true. There’s nothing sexy about Gatineau. Nothing.  
  • AHAH! I found the radio feed for Drummondville. Stinkers, you thought I wouldn’t find it, eh?! I FOUND IT. Finally, someone who can say “Dumont” properly. 
  • Voltigeurs aren`t scoring though……Myeh……. 
*runs back to the Hammies*
  • CARLE SCOOOOOORES! And the PA was just saying that they were starting the second period. Stevenson gets an assist! 
  • Umm do these people in Cleveland realize that their team is losing? Because they’re cheering for no reason. Maybe they’re secretly Hammies fans? 
  • Oh it’s free hot dog night….! That’s why they’re here…. 
  • so NOW the refs are feeling bad for the Monsters? Give me a break. That was SO tripping. 
*runs off to check the baby Habs and baby Juniors*
  • Oh crap… the Voltigeurs just let in a goal with a few mins left in the third. DAMN YOU VOLTIGEURS.
  • OH! Chouinard with a goal! Juniors up 3-2!!!
  • Oh and yes, the Cyclones are playing. And yes, it’s a scoring fest there. And yes, Mayer is in nets. No, I’m not listening to the game. Twitter updates ftw!
*runs back to the Hammies*
  • uhhh can we stop talking about rock and roll, please? 
  • GLUUU scoooores! Did David get an assist? DID HE? He has to be on the ice. He has to be. Otherwise Gluu wouldn’t have scored. 
  • Hey…… hello? The dudes gave Murphy the goal? umm no… Murphy was ROBBED by Weiman. Then Gluu scored. I would like to know if David got an assist here. 
  • Just checked… David wasn’t even on the ice! Wow, Gluuuu! Still…. no David anywhere nearby = no goals for Gluu. David on the ice or on the bench = Gluu scoring. 
  • Weber down. Please don’t be injured….. please…… 
  • HAHAHAHAHA. The Monster fans are STILL cheering. I don’t think they know that their team is losing 4-0….
*mutes Hammies*
  • Myeh. Voltigeurs lose. I hate you. At least Dumont had a goal. Where has Philippe been though? *sobs* Where has my dorky looking Voltigeur gone? He’s disappeared from the score board!
  • Juniors are off taking a break. Still 3-2. Please don’t lose this one. 
*un-mutes Hammies*
  • Shhhhhhh Flandersdude… Don’t tell Lacroix that Guy said something good about him…. 
  • Btw… Lacroix has a French accent. For reals. Unlike Guy who has this annoying accent that I can’t place easily. I KNOW Guy went to school here and I know he’s from some place waaaay up north in Quebec (anything north of Quebec City is WAAAY up north to me), but there’s still something weird about his accent…….  /accent rant over. 
  • Hammies are continuing to pressure the Monsters. 
  • HEY WAIT. Why is Teddy out there now? Where is Sandford? Uhoh… he better not be injured…..
  • There is no Sanford on the benches *freaks out* 
  • Rar…. now the Monsters are getting a few good chances…..
*looks over at the Q’s website*
  • GUHHH! Someone broke the scoreboard on the Q’s website. It won’t update the Juniors score. UPDATE. *turns on radio* OH HEY it’s 4-2?! The dude said it was 4-2 *listens* 
  • THEY SCOOOOOOOORE! 5-2! Sounds like maybe Asselin? Whatever. THEY’RE GOING TO WIN THIS. 
  • If they screw this up with 2 mins left…..
  • and of course the Olympiques are on the PP now….
  • Goooochiiieee had the fourth goal and Parkes had the fifth. Bwahahahahahah.
*rushes back to the Hammies*
  • nooooooo David has no points in this game?! I’m going to be SUPER greedy and ask David to get a point. Yes, I can complain about this because the Hammies are still winning 4-0. 
  • WHOOOO! Hammies wiiin! SHUUUUTOUUUUT! 
  • I guess Sanford gets the shutout? 
  • Err Mr. Wes-dude…. someone needs to teach you (and Flandersdude) how to say David’s name properly. 
  • I like Mr. Wes-dude though. Can we keep him for a while? (seeing as hiring Steve isn’t an option).
  • Sanford had back spasms. Here we go again with this……….get better soon!
  • um Al fails at text messaging *G*
  • Cyclones win 6-5 too.
  • I like tonight :D
  • Minus the Voltigeurs…. failures…. 
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