Now that I’ve had time to process this…

8 thoughts on this trade

  1. Did we just trade one underachiever for another?
  2. I hope Timmins is happy right now because he was the one who said the Canadiens would have drafted Poo if he had still been available (and I was just the other day going to write about how damn lucky we were not have Poo).
  3. I really wish I could’ve known if Latendresse would’ve ended up any different if he had spent time in the AHL. It might have done his development some good to stay away from the Montreal media lovefest. Then again maybe not. We’ll never know. I think while management didn’t handle this one very well, they can’t be blamed entirely for how Latendresse has turned out. He’s been given every opportunity here. More than just about any other player. He hasn’t done what’s been asked of him this year (which wasn’t that much to begin with). Essentially, Latendresse has nobody to blame but himself for this (but of course he’s blaming management).
  4. I wonder if the flags are at half mast at RDS?
  5. I’m not liking the reports that are saying that Poo needs to work on the mental side of his game. Sounds like we just landed one of those “super talented but super lazy” players…. damn……
  6. I hope Poo speaks French…. for his sake.
  7. What the hell is a “jammed wrist” anyway? I have visions of Poo sticking his hand in a cookie jar and getting it stuck and now his wrist is all swollen. No jokes. 
  8. Maybe I’ll just cheer for Sergei…. although I’m betting his days are numbered too….. 
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