So…this morning I wrote up 10 pessimistic thoughts about this game. They were mostly to the effect that Ovie score and/or kill a Hab or two. And if it wasn’t Ovie scoring then some other Cap would have a hat trick.


The Habs decided that my list was much too depressing to deal with and instead they decided to come out and play super well. Not only did they beat the Caps but they won in regulation. So… we can’t beat the Whalercanes in regulation but we can beat the Caps? Myeh. A win is a win, right?

  • Hi O’Byrne! We missed you!
  • MAB…. what the hell are you doing on the ice at the same time as Ovie? 
  • Turtle-Pleky for president!
  • Okay.. so the Habs get off to great start and… the Caps score first………. poop…….
  • If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that Gorges is secretly trying to kill Price. He just dumped a Cap into the net.. 
  • Was that Ovie who just tried to kill Patches? I TOLD you he would kill a Hab…. 
  • MOEN! Tiiiiiiiiiiied gaaaaaaameeeeeee!
  • We’re not losing! 
  • OMG we’re winning! Turtle-Pleky! Bonus points to Andrei and Patches who didn’t die afterall =p 
  • Priiiiiiiiceeey!
  • AIE. A PP GOAL? Seriously? Are we seriously leading this one 3-1?! Do I even dare…..?
  • *bites fingers*
  • Oh my god Price….. you are amazing… *nods* 
  • Ahja\sdhkjadhkashdkajshdkajdshkjah now is NOT the time to implode! 3-2… 
  • PK time with 2 mins to go………. GREAT……….. 
  • *bites fingers*
  • WE WIN. YAY! 
  • The Caps fan side of me says: Caps need to go make up and beat the stuffing out of the Leafs tomorrow. Seriously. Hell, the Habs fan side of me says they have to beat the Leafs. BEAT THOSE LEAFS. 
In other news:
  • My baby Juniors won 4-3 in a shootout! …..never mind that they were playing the worst team in the league. They win! They win! They win! Thank you Gooouuuuchiieeee!
  • Stupid Voltigeurs just lost in a shootout too….. Baby Hab No. 1 had a goal during the game :D
  • Oh and I really REALLY hate the Moosies. DIE MOOSIES. Can someone injure Luongo or Raycroft so they can call up Schneider so he won’t annoy me so much? Myeh. Hammies lose 5-3. Moosies had two empty-netters o.<
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