that sucked

I was watching some of the Wings/Bruins game tonight. I missed a lot of it, but I did catch the last 5 minutes. The Wings were up 2-0. What had me actually watching the game was not so much because I was afraid that the Booins might score, but rather to watch the Wings play defense.

It was like watching a totally different league. In this league, players manage to control the puck in their own zone. In this league, players don’t stand by and watch as the opposing team walks in and scores on their goalie.

It’s a nice league and I wish the Habs could be in it. But nopers.

I’m too tired to complain too much about this game, but damnit, it was one of the worst I’ve seen by them this year. The defensive coverage is brutal. And it sucks because for the most part, Price played really well. He had some great stops. The team left him out to dry completely. Blergh.

Super Turtle-Pleky and Gio tried to make it close. Really. They did. Super Turtle-Pleky had a great goal to tie it up late in the third (only to have the D screw up and let in the game winner about a minute later).


I really want to see Sweden’s U20 team play Concordia university on Thursday but it’s my relative’s birthday and I really should be present for it. Either way, I have a good excuse to miss what is probably going to be an embarrassing game for the Habs against the Booins. Booins haven’t scored in two games and they’ll be taking on a Habs squad that has given up what… 10 in the last two? Or 9? Whatever.

I hate the Booins.  I hate this defensive squad for the Habs. I hate the damn puck going in off of other player’s feet. And I hate the time change thing. I’m still a wreck because of it.

I do love that the Leafs are becoming very reliable in their ability to lose a game though. They just dropped a 2-1 decision to the Bolts.

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