Hammies wiiiiiiiiiiiiin

I’m getting a bit tired of the Habs and the Hammies going to OT and/or shootouts. Like, really tired.

Thankfully the Hammies won 5-2 in regulation time! FINALLY.
  • In the pre-game interivew, Guy says he probably made a mistake in having a practice the day before the Hammies lost in shootouts to the Heat. He attributes their loss to mainly be tired and out of it… He also kinda blamed the ice a bit. Which is a fair point because it really does suck. 
  • Weber is finally getting back into the rhythm of things that made him super successful last season. He got the assist on both of Darche’s goals. 
  • Yeah, Darche had two goals. Putting him one up on Pyatt. His first goal was on a PP too! If the Habs suck on the PP then the Hammies are just as bad……They would go 1 for 3 tonight though. 
  • Sanford momentarily forgot how to pokecheck and the Rivermen scored on basically an empty net…
  • Brrrrrrrrock Trotter had a goal tonight! It was pretty awesome too :D
  • ….then Armstrong tied it up. 
  • The third period was delayed because the ice sucks and they had a swimming pool instead of an ice rink out there. If Balsillie is looking to spend all that money of his, he can make the Hammies a new arena. or at least do something to make sure they have ice instead of water to play on. 
  • Glumac’s elbow then connected with Armstrong’s head. Sounded like he was just reacting and put his arm up as Armstrong came at him instead of actually elbowing him on purpose, but anyway… Armstrong went down, was totally dazed afterwards. Glumac then took a 5 minute major for… interference? Flandersdude went “what?!”. I went “eh?” And just like that the Hammies chances of winning this thing looked  to be in serious jeopardy. There were 8 minutes to go in the 3rd at this point. 
  • or not…. Darche is tripped up and then bingo we have 4 on 4. Good way to help kill off this huge Peoria PP. 
  • And Wyman scoooooooooooooores while the announcer is still announcing Darche’s goal. EEEEEE!!
  • And then the Hammies go to the penalty box. 5 on 3 PP for the Peoria Rivermen……….. *bites nails*
  • PP over…. 
  • OMG BELLE WITH A GOAL! That was the third time that the Hammies had a chance to score when coming out of the penalty box. And they finally convert! Nice pass by Rrrrrryan Russel =) 
  • WOW. Nice win Hammies! =)
Hammies can win like this any day. Well… I’d prefer if they stayed out of the damn penalty box more. The Rivermen had way too many PP chances. Guy might want to tell people to stop putting candy in there so the players won’t make a mad dash for the box at every opportunity.
Juniors didn’t get to play today because the Wildcats are all injured and sick. Sounds like maybe they have the flu or something. Instead of giving up the game to the Juniors by default, the game has been postponed to another date. Poop. Oh well, the Juniors could use the break anyway.
Edit: Oh TSN has the story. Wildcats only had 11 players who were healthy enough to play. Most were sick. Nobody has been diagnosed with H1N1. etc, etc, etc….
Ummm what. the. heck, Voltigeurs?! When I checked the score in the second period, they were leading Acadie-Bathurst 5-3. They ended up winning the game TEN to three. Wow. In all that scoring Lefrevbre and Dumont only had one assist each. Poop.
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