Okay, shootouts aren’t the Hammies thing

Or maybe they just need to learn how not to blow two one goal leads in the third period. Barring that, at least don’t blow a 2-0 lead in the shootout. SHEESH.

Because I’m still in a fantastic mood tonight, we’ll just deal with all the lovely positives of this game:
  • The boys are STILL unbeaten in regulation time. They’ve picked up a point in every game so far. Now they just need some of that awesome win it in OT thing. Like the Habs. They’ve picked up 5 of 6 points in this whole Texas roadtrip thing. 
  • Their PK was solid (or the Aeros PP sucked. Didnt’ sound like it sucked though). 
  • Eric Neilson was sitting out tonight’s game and he joined Flandersdude as the colour-commentator dude. Despite being boring to listen to (and not the cool type of boring like Steve was), he had some interesting things to say. Like, did you know that the Hammies call Cedric Desjardins “Teddy”? TEDDY? Where did THAT come from? Maybe “Ced” is too easy? 
  • We all know that hockey players like to add “y” to names in a totally uncreative attempt to make it into a nickname. I heard Neilson say “Whitey” “Maxy”, “Bellesie” and “Pie-sie” (White, Maxwell, Belle and Pyatt) tonight. 
  • The Hammies say “Thank you for Pyatt, Mr. Sather”. Pyatt is so awesome. 
  • Weber had a goaaaaal! He’s been a little absent in the scoring department lately. 
Okay.. I have to mention some negatives. I can’t help myself.
  • Glumac, where are you? I’m missing you and you’re scoring abilities. 
  • Do.Not.Blow.Two.One-goal. Leads. 
  • Don’t blow a freaking 2-0 lead in the shootout. DO NOT. 
  • My goalies are having a competition to see who can create the scariest rebound without it actually resulting in a goal. 
  • Myeh to Maxwell’s shootout attempt that was stopped right on the damn line. 
  • And double myeh to Gillies almost tripping on his way to scoring on Teddy. Teddy was probably all like “this guy is SO going to land on his face… wait, WTF? AGH.” 
  • Also.. .Texas… They have issues. Against the Baby Stars, it was the ice that was all screwy… tonight it was the glass. It came out, they fixed it and five minutes later, it came out again. Guh?
OOOOOOOOOOVIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE! He was on my TV tonight. The Caps are NEVER on my TV. But tonight they were. Taking on those semi-yucky Flyers too. Ovie had two goals (’bout time) including a pretty sweet one while the Caps were down 0-2. Pie and A2 also had sweet goals. Mike Richards tried to make me like him by getting a sweet assist on Hartnell’s goal but it didn’t work. We’re not getting along right now, Mike. Anyway… Jose had a great game tonight. He got little help from his teammates for a lot of the night (apart from the fact that they scored goals) and faced a Price-esque 43 shots tonight.
Y’know, a Flyers/Caps game would be an AWESOME Winter Classic matchup. Forget Penguins/Flyers, Penguins/Capitals, Bruins/Flyers or Capitals/Rangers. As Ovie would probably say, a Flyers/Capitals matchup would be “sick”. It would be really sick.


Pricey says that Jaro should play if the team is winning. Like Pricey really was going to say anything else….What else COULD he say? Still….

It’s just dawned on me how epically awkward it must be between two goalies… there’s the whole “he’s here to take my job” kinda thing, y’know? it’s kinda like:

Pricey: Everyone loves me!
Jaro: … *pouts*
Pricey: *flails under pressure*
Jaro: ….*scuttles into the net and wins the game* I win?
Jaro: Yay! Acknowledgement! *wins again*
Pricey: …..
Jaro: *wins another game* WHOO!
Jaro:  I’m not trying to steal your job, Carey. Really.
Pricey: …..then suck so I can play!
Jaro: But I like to play too….
Pricey: *tosses a milkcrate at Jaro*
Jaro: *gets concussed*
Coach: Ummm… Guess Price is playing tonight.
Pricey: *wins a game* I WIN! YAY!
Jaro: *pouts*

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