5 things

’bout time I did this again.

  1. $%^&*(… the Leafs won a game. There go my hopes of them ending the season 0-82. I guess this just means that they’ll end the season 1-80-1.
  2. Martin is pretty much responsible for this goalie-controversy and I think it’s hurting both goalies. Before you scream at me, yes, I think Halak should get more time to play and yes, I think that Price should have to work for his job. HOWEVER. There really hasn’t been a “hot hand” in these wins. Justin Pogge could have won against the Islanders last week for crying out loud. Martin has basically put the goalies in a lose-lose situation. If Halak can’t bail the team out against the Penguins, they’re left with putting in a goalie who’s going to be colder than a block of ice because he hasn’t played in 4 games.
  3. One thing that baffled and infuriated me about Carbonneau was how his lines would change faster than you say “Ovechkin scooores”. I was hoping that Martin would be a bit more sensible, but so far no go. His lines have been all over the place.
  4. Remind me again why the league does not have a “no hits to the head” rule? Mike Richards takes out David Booth and the league rules it a “clean” hit? Exactly what is clean about a guy going out cold BEFORE he even hits the ice? I’ve witnessed a few stomach churning hits last year – including two against the Habs. I have no idea why and how people can condone this.
  5. There is no food in my fridge. 
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