Of Sergei, injuries and DUCKING

Okay Sergei. What is going on in that brain of yours? I was at a lecture about whether the Habs are a religion (seriously) and I check on twitter afterwards and see Habsland in an uproar over you getting suspended again.

I don’t get it.

You were playing well with the Hammies. Everything was looking good. I was even suggesting that you should come back to Montreal. And what do you do? You skip out of Hammie-town and get suspended. THE HELL?

Look, I can accept that you were playing well because you wanted to get traded. I can accept that. What I can’t accept is the Habs losing out on a crap trade because basically, you’re worth zip in a trade. No team in their right mind would want to take you. But right now Bob may have no choice but to trade you for absolutely nothing… or I guess he could just keep you and just have you hang around taking up space…..

Why am I writing in the second person anyway? GUHHHH.

[edit: it would appear that the twerp ended up in Montreal but has now gone back to Hammie-town after talking to Bob…. you know what? I quit trying to figure this out. I quit. I hate you Sergei…. *sobs*]

Hell with that… moving on…..

Looks like Metro will be coming back really soon. I’m really happy about this. We could definitely use him on that third line. Hope those doctors clear him to play soon! He hopes to be cleared to play for tomorrow actually… but we’ll see.

Am I allowed to take a small amount of pleasure in other teams being injured? A couple of teams in black are currently losing a few key players due to various injuries. Look, generally I dont’ wish any team not playing in Toronto harm, but it’s just sort of… a relief shall we say, to see other teams are actually prone to injuries. I was thinking the Habs were the only ones.

I think this week must be “opposing goalies stealing goals left, right and center” week. It’s making me grumpy right now too. First it was Schneider stealing all kinds of goals from the Hammies. Then it was Pavelec stealing goals from the Habs and tonight, it’s Domingue stealing goals from the Juniors. GUHH.

Speaking of Domingue and the Juniors…. Jake has not had a great last few games.… Lost in a close match to the Remparts, was on the losing end of a 3-0 blanking by the Gatineau whatevers and now he’s suffering through an ugly Juniors/Wildcats game.

I noticed this last week and I really hope he stops doing this: Jake has a very bad habit of DUCKING when the puck comes at his head. Yes. He ducks. Apparently nobody told him that masks were invented so the goalie wouldn’t have to worry about damaging his face. He did it tonight and got BURNED as the puck went over his shoulder. Jake, I love you, but that is a very bad habit. Very bad. You need to stop it and stop it right now. RIGHT NOW.

Well, to be fair, the faily game wasn’t entirely his fault. The D pulled a Habs and left him all alone on a couple of those goals. And the forwards copied the Habs and couldn’t finish. Story of the life of a Montreal hockey team: can NOT finish to save their lives.



Thank you.

ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Don Lever AND Ron Wilson (no, not THAT Ron Wilson. The other one) got hired as the new coaches for the Chicago Wolves. In case you forgot, Don and Ron coached the Hammies before everyone freaked out that Don wasn’t French and therefore, he couldn’t POSSIBLY coach the Habs (not that Don was even coaching the flipping Habs. He was the ASSISTANT coach).

Thank GOODNESS this happened after I just stated that I love Guy Boucher, because I might be tempted to break down and sob. I really liked Don. *sobs anyway*

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