5 things

  1. I’d really love to have some of those Habs stamps that just came out. They sound cool.
  2. I’m also seriously tempted to get tickets to the premiere of that Habs movie at the BC. The trailer made me cry buckets. Granted, I was sleep deprived at the time, but yeah… I don’t know though. I’m not a movie person to begin with and I really don’t like trying to watch a movie with a pile of noisy people. So I guess seeing it at the BC is a bad idea…. but maybe I should just make an exception for this movie? Meh. Maybe not…
  3. Okay so the Habs and Juniors are failing, but the Impact actually won the USL title. Say what? You missed out on the big news too? Don’t worry. It’s okay. We all know everyone was busy downing copious amounts of alcohol because of the Habs. But yeah, Impact won. And beat last year’s champions too. WHOO!
  4. Forgot to mention this last night, but please, Stephen Harper, stop trying to grab votes in Quebec by appearing on RDS. Just stop it. Go cheer for the Leafies like you’re supposed to. They could use the help.
  5. Who designated Sunday “American/Canadian football day” anyway? Boo. Do. Not. Like.
  6. Also, I know what’s wrong with me and the Habs this year. Too tired to write about it now, but I might write it up tomorrow. If not… well, just ignore this item which shouldn’t be here anyway as it’s supposed to be “FIVE things” *g*
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