Pre-game ramble

  • Skirmish of Ontario is on. Seeing Komisaurus as a Leaf and Kovy as a Sen is funny.
  • Oh looky. Caps vs Flyers. Okay. Let’s watch this!
  • Remind me why Ovie and Richards can’t get along? They share SO much in common. Like, Crysob hate! C’mon, you two. Get along, damnit. For the sake of the Puffles Smashing.
  • After going away to yawn, I come back to find out that the Flyers are leading tied. Ovie put on a show with that goal. Oh and Alfie scored on “The Puppy” while taking a penalty shot. Schenn was sulking majorly in the penalty box.
  • A2!!!!!! He clearly doesn’t want Ovie to have all the highlight goals tonight. That was like, Ovie awesome. Can Pie have a goal now? He wants a goal…
  • ummm Richards with two more goals to put the Flyers up. Of course I say that I actually like the guy and he repays me by getting a hat trick against my Caps. Jeez, why do the Flyers work SO hard to make me hate them? Go get a hat trick against the Puffles, Mike. Seriously.
  • By the way… this Skirmish of Ontario is really boring….I’m actually watching the Twins/Tigers baseball game right now (they’re playing for a spot in the playoffs).
The actual game (keeping it short ’cause it’s waaay past the time that I should be sleeping)
  • We lose 4-3
  • Okay, fine, let’s get this over with right now: Jaro could’ve done better. Knowing that he’s the type of guy that needs a few games to find his groove, this doesn’t surprise me, but it doesn’t please me either.
  • Gomer had a beautiful goal
  • Gui! had a nice one too!
  • Turtle-Pleky can score goals like that any time. Even if it was an accident *G*
  • Poop on all of those Flames goals.
  • In the same vein… The Habs still need to learn how to clear the puck from their own zone. This is starting to cost them goals and it’s not good.
  • I actually feel pretty comfortable with this loss. The guys were behaving a lot more like a team. There was some great stuff going on.
  • … and then there was Andrei. While he looked slightly less dead, his brain is still not all there. Guhh…
  • All in all, a failnight (Caps lost too), but a positive failnight for the Habs. Now just learn to clear the bloody puck from your own zone.
Tomorrow we’re going to meet a very grumpy Canucks team so this could be interesting…if I can stay awake.
Oh and… I didn’t see a lot of truculence going on in Toronto. Unless you call Schenn trying to kill Michalek “truculence”… and for the records, Michalek was awarded a penalty shot which Alfie took instead annnnd… byebye Gus “the Puppy”.
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