Put your hands up in the air!

Jake Allen is buried under that group hug somewhere

*dances* Okay, that song is going to drive me insane.

With the clock ticking down until the Habs hit the ice for their first game, it’s time to talk about…

The Juniors and the Hammies.

Why? Because 1) I went to the Juniors game tonight and 2) the Hammies played tonight and 3) I don’t want to talk about Sergei wanting to get traded to some god forsaken team.

So. Juniors. They’ve been alternating winning and losing and it just so happened that I ended up being their for the day that they won. Whoo! Put your hands up in the air!

It was my first time out to Verdun for the Juniors game and I was super happy. The building is ancient and the seats are super uncomfortable but my seats were really close to the end where Jake Allen was so it was cool. Even if he was bored for most of the night and it was former-Voltiwhatsit Cousineau who got all pucks smacked his way.

The game was kinda off to a slow start. It wasn’t helped by the parade to the penalty box either. However, things got exciting when Chouinard made up for his stupid penalty before and scored a goal. I sorta forgot the finer points of the goal but the important thing is a Junior scored it.

The second period got off to a dismal start as the Rocket(s) scored twice in the first 7 mins. Blocked out the finer points of these. HOWEVER1! Now was not the time to despair! Gouchie, Chouinard and Asselin all had prettitful goals to put the Juniors up 4-2 by the end of the second.

I was kinda pouting slightly at this point because I didn’t get to see the Juniors score pretty goals down at my end of the rink (I had kinda forgotten the finer points of Chouinard’s first goal). Not to fear! Dion had a pretty goal. After some end to end plays, the David Foucher decided to give the Rocket(s) a gift by taking a dumb penalty where they then scored. Things got a little interesting when the Rocket(s) then put their own player into the net along with the puck. On his way in, the Rocket knocked the net off and there was then a lengthy review on whether it was a goal or not. Gotta feel bad for the Rocket(s) at this point though. The goal would’ve put them within one of the Juniors but instead it was (rightly in my biased opinion) waived off. The kicker came a couple of minutes later when Dion scored another goal on Cousineau who got really grumpy and shot the puck down the rink and into the back of Allen’s net (no goal – obviously).

And that was pretty much the end of that.

Put your hands up in the air!

A few notes:

  • Did I miss the memo that said that Joel Bouchard was the assistant head coach of the Juniors? ’cause I’ve been wondering for DAYS now why the hell he wasn’t on RDS and now I see he’s standing behind the Juniors’ bench. It was a bit of a shocker. Yes, I’m dense sometimes.
  • Seriously, Sherbatov is from Israel?! And here I’ve been assuming that he was Russian. Oops. That is awesome although I didn’t realize that hockey was a big deal in Israel? Oh well. I like this guy. And he’s seriously only a few inches taller than I am. My point? My point being: always root for the short guy.
  • I like sitting pretty much right near the ice. It makes for some nice pictures (which I took, because the Juniors never got back to me on whether they had a camera policy. Nobody came after me so I’ll take that as a “Nope we don’t have a policy”).
Pics are here. Ignore the baby Rag (no 10 for the Rocket(s)). Someone requested pics of him so yeah… Normally I wouldn’t take pictures of the “enemy” =p

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd. YAY HAMMIES. Way to show those Marlies who’s boss by beating them 3-0! Now, just do this in the REAL game on the 4th instead of in the pre-season/random Scottish events. And congrats to PK for his first unofficial goal as a Hammie!

Put your hands up in the air! Put your hands up in the air!

Man, who said you need NHL hockey to keep you entertained? I’m all set in the event of another lockout. Seriously. At this point, I wouldn’t mind skipping all the Habs-drama. Not that I don’t want to see my Habs. Just… leave your drama at home everyone. That means you, Sergei. That means you, you idiotic media who will be FEASTING on this little Sergei incident. And it means you, you “fans” who are already throwing the team under the bus. I wish I could stuff a sock down all of your throats sometimes. (/rant over)

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