Hammies win the Gardiner Cup!


  • Brrrrrrrrock Trotter had TWO goals! Although Flandersdude didn’t do his whole “Brrrrrrrock Trotter scooooores!” because he was busy talking and didn’t really notice Brrrrrrock Trotter scoring until after he scored. Derp.
  • Benoit also had a goal!
  • The Hammies shutout streak ended when some Marlie went in on Ced and scored. Poop.
  • the Scots seemed to be fully behind the Hammies (or at least the guys behind Flandersdude were). And they wanted blooood too.
  • They pretty much had it when Giliati tried to fight White but he ended up getting beaten to a pulp instead (that’s good in case you forgot that White is a Hammie).
  • I want Pogge back for the Marlies. Reimer did a good job keeping the Hammies from winning 7-1. I’m sure Pogge would’ve let us have a couple of more goals.
  • A ref grabbed a Marlie and it tried to fight back before it realized that it wasn’t a Hammie… Oops.
  • With the Hammies and the Marlies getting in each other’s faces all night, the announcers started wondering what they were talking about. Scottishdude said they were talking about haggis. Yes, White must’ve dumped Giliati because the latter had stolen some haggis from the Hammies. Yup.
  • Quote of the night:”Bloom had his helmet popped off like the top of a dandelion”
So now the Hammies will come home, play a pre-season game against the Marlies and then get ready for their opening game against the…. Marlies in Marlieland. Um. Are there any other teams out there in the AHL? Any at all? I’m already tired of the Marlies…
Fail of the night: Leafs/Sabres game tonight. Lalime tried to take Vesa’s spot as the failiest goalie in the NHL but there was NO way Vesa was going to let that happen. Nuhuh. Vesa won the battle of the failiest goalie as the Sabres slugged out a 7-6 win. And this was after the Leafs were leading 2-0 after the first period. Hah.
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