Where to start……

  • hockey is indeed more fun once you’ve had something to drink.
  • The Habs HAD to win this one because Greg was at his first and only hockey game of the year.
  • The ice looks awful.
  • The Habs looked awful for the first two periods minus Gionta and Pricey.
  • Okay so when they said the Habs were being kept to the perimeter for the most part, they really didn’t want to mean that the Habs were being kept along the boards IN THEIR OWN ZONE. Can we please stop leaving the Pens RIGHT in front of Price?
  • Price with a save!
  • Gui smashed someone!
  • At least we’re not losing. But we’re not winning either. Guhh.
  • Can someone smash Crysob? PLEASE? Don’t make me throw something at him.
  • Oh hey, Habs scored a goal. Gio with a goal! Oh.My. God. We’re winning?
  • Don’t get all smiley yet, Gio.
  • Gui smashed someone!
  • Okay here comes the second period. Maybe the Habs will wake up this time?
  • Erm maybe not. Was that Eggplant with a goal right after the Habs just finished their dismal power play?
  • ERM HELLO HABS? Why are the Habs losing 2-1 now?!
  • Oh yes…. now they’re booing. Stuff it, idiots, it’s a pre-season game.
  • Mind you… .it is pretty bad. I think they’ve forgotten who they’re own teammates are as they keep passing to the Puffles.
  • Then again…. they’re probably sleep deprived.
  • I wonder how the Caps are doing? Guh, they’re losing just to make me mad.
  • Oh. Someone hit Crysob! YES! YES! YES!
  • Erm… Carle is scaring me…. as is Belle.
  • Umm can we please remember that the guys in RED are our teammates and not the guys in white?
  • hello? Pass to the guy in the red. not the guy in the white.
  • Price with a save!
  • …yawns….
  • Some Hab in the box for smacking a Pen in the face….
  • Wait. FOUR FREAKING MINUTES? Are you kidding me?!!!!
  • Bring on the third period…. please!
  • Okay… why are the Habs sucking? Oh. We’re not sucking. We’re on the PK. Right. Sorry.
  • 2-2!
  • Too early to be singing Ole.
  • umm what’s happening? Why are we all standing? Seriously?!
  • GOAL?!!!! WHO? HOW? WHEN? OLE?!
  • Oh Gui puts it over Floppy Flambe’s Apprentice. Whoo!
  • Hey, Andrei, I see you with the assist. Are you trying to make up for your awful game from last March when I was there? ’cause I’m STILL waiting for you to make it up to me.
  • Seriously, I should be put in charge of playing the music at the Bell Centre. It wouldn’t be half as deafening if I was in charge. Guhh.
  • ummm PP for the Pens?
  • Ummm goal for the Pens with 3 mins left? Do not blow it Habs.
  • AIE stop giving the dingbats the puck *closes eyes*
  • Game over. Habs win. Ole ole ole. So awesome.
  • OLE! Best. Song. Ever.
In other news:
  • Habs finally assigned 17 players to the AHL so the Hammies can have a team as they head off to Scotland tomorrow. OLE!
  • Habs also assigned Bell and Nielson after the game. Not surprised. However, I’m not sure why Carle is still there. He’s scaring me in a very bad way.
  • Mayer and Ced will be the goalies headed off to Scotland while Sanford stays put for now.
  • Patches is injured.
  • We (the Juniors) got Jake Allen back from the Blues. Thank you Blues.
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