Rookie camp!!

So as you all know by now, rookie camp started today. Pretty much everyone from North America that was at the prospect camp earlier in the year was here so I knew pretty much all of them.
  • I stupidedly decided to head out to Brossard on Labour Day – which was dumb as everyone and their cousin was there…. Never go on a day when everyone is off from school/work. Never.
  • This was the first time I had actually seen Cedric Desjardins. Hearing how the guy does on the radio and actually seeing him are totally different. Naturally as the most experienced goalie at the camp, he looked the best (not that I saw Mayer that much, but I think it goes without saying that Ced would look the best).
  • Did Missiaen and Simila grow over the summer? Seriously, they look taller than before even…!
  • Wyman was pretty amusing as he was practicing with two of the baby goalies. They were doing drills were someone would skate right in front of them and try to score. Except that Wyman kept hitting them instead of putting it away. Sounds sad, but it was actually amusing. He was laughing about it too.
  • Missed this part, but apparently in one of the drills, Patches ended up checking PK behind the net. Dunno why this is relevant. People seemed to find it amusing though.
  • Speaking of amusing… a woman behind me was talking about the Jumbo Goalies and she was like “look at how tall he is. He’s like… over 5 feet!” Umm…. even I’m over 5 feet tall!
  • PK does NOT stand still for more than a second. Seriously. The guy was zooming around the whole time. If he was standing still, he was making faces. When can this guy play for a team that I can actually follow?!
  • my brain is tired from editting 200 + photos so it can’t think of anything else to say right now…
  • more pictures here.
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2 Responses to Rookie camp!!

  1. Number31 says:

    Good to hear he's checking 'cause I was worried he wrecked himself by ignoring the hernia for too long. BUT don't check PK!!! Patches hits like a freight train!Missiaen: 6'8", 5ft five-hole. Dude's tall enough to just stay on his knees XD

  2. Yuhh, I hope PK is okay… He was getting knocked around a bit the other day. I have a pic of PK leaning over while standing next to Missiaen. I was like "this is PK demonstrating the height difference between me and the Jumbo Goalie" XD

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