Random Wednesday…. err Thursday!

Whatever day it is today…! We take a break from all the sarcasm to bring you random information around the league! YAY!

  • So I’m late to the party on this one, but I’d like to say a quick “byebye” to Tanguay. I for one, am really not going to miss him. I was never particularly fond of him from the start and unlike Lang who ended up growing on me a lot, I never got to like Tanguay a whole lot. He never excited me as a player and he just ended up irking me a lot. I hope he enjoys his time on the beach with Skinny Vinny and Shorty Marty….
  • Puckdaddy has the latest on the NHLPA mess. Including some theories on why Kelly was fired. There are some reports that “he was allegedly caught reading a transcript from a confidential meeting between the union’s advisory board and 30-member player executive last June.” Interesting…
  • Also while we’re all SO fascinated by this implosion, here is Glenn Healy’s resignation letter. He was part of the NHLPA and resigned after that meeting in Chicago.
  • The Habs FINALLY have info about the upcoming training camps (I’ve been waiting days and days and days for this. Not necessarily pleased to see Louis won’t be at the rookie camp though). Now I need to figure out for sure if they’re letting us mortals in or not.
  • My political science course books are TOTALLY Canadian. One said something to effect of “helping a candidate or party win an election can be as exciting as being part of a winning hockey team”. The other was dicussing the use of the word “power” and how we see the word a lot. “this person has power, that person is seduced by power, another person is on “a power trip,” while Forbes trucks have more power and Sidney Crosby has perfected the power play“. Great job, textbook. We’re no talking for a while…
  • The baby goalie that I saw at the Juniors pre-season game is apparently not even 16 yet. I say this with much surprise because while I thought he looked like a baby, I didn’t think he was THAT young. Jeez, now I feel really old.
  • And in US Open news…Apparently the top ten men have yet to lose a set in the tournament. This is great news and makes it all the more sad that two of the top 5 women are already out of the competition. Women’s tennis is NOT in a happy place these days…
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