After a tough game which saw some great shots, Roger finally made an error and sent the ball into the net. Game, Novak Djokovic. Raising his hands up to the sky, Nole thanked the tennis gods for handing him a win. With this victory, Nole had now won….

photo from here.

………………his first – and only – game of the first set. HUZZAH!

Roger just had to play really good tennis in the first set, which, coupled with Nole playing like crap, equaled an easy 6-1 first set win. Nole fought back in the second set – including breaking Roger’s serve. But ultimately it didn’t do much and Roger broke back, leveled the set, broke again and won the match 6-1, 7-5.
So way to go Roger. It’s your first title as a new daddy. I’m sure the twins are over the moon. Well, actually, the one over the moon was Roger who was all smiles as he got talking about the twinsies. Anyway….You’re now just one Master Series win away from tying Agassi’s record of 17 MS’ wins. Yay!
Photo from: AP

Roger: Hey, Nole, that’s a nice flower vase you got there…
Nole: Wanna swtich? I’ve always wanted a pretty punch bowl. Please?
Roger: Hmmm….no thanks. I think I’ll store the twins bottles in this one.

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