I am going to puke…

The title says it all I’m afraid…..

Thanks to the H Does NOT Stand for Habs for the pic.

I believe this drawing I did a few months back is suddenly very relavent:

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7 Responses to I am going to puke…

  1. CapsChick says:

    …*sobs* Why, Mikey? WHY?

  2. Grrrreg says:

    This is gross.

  3. He could've picked ANY team. But he picked THAT team. I don't get it. Thanks to the Komisaurus, I will be cheering for the Bruins when they meet the Leafs this year. UGH!

  4. MHCranberry says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA I think it's hilarious. Lucic is gonna mess him up. But, my dear EP… I'd warn you that this doesn't mean the Habs are no longer going to be subject to smashing.See? Shawn Thornton is already practicing.http://tinyurl.com/nsqggm**trying not to be a troll, I swear, EP's my friend**

  5. Your Habs says:

    I think this is what I needed to see to let go. It helped. Thank You.

  6. MHCranberry – Is this the part where I don't say that we're secretly training Gionta to be our Magical Fighting Smurf? It'll be epic!Justiin – Seriously. I was still in the denial stage until last night. Not anymore… =(

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