These potential Olympic rosters are messing with my brain

Yeah, so some other countries have released their initial list of players for the Olympics. And this whole international thing is messing with me.
  • The idea of my Slovak goalie playing on the same team as Chara and Hossa freaks me out. Then again, I don’t see that idiot Surovy on the list so at least our poor goalie won’t have to worry about being Avery’d at the camp….
  • Finland seems to have invited just about every player that they could think of (that would be 46 people in all). There were total not surprises (hi Koivu and Koivu Jr!) and some minor surprises (umm who’s idea was it to invite Vesa “King of the Failtenders” Toskala and Jarkko Ruutu?!)
  • And oh my god… Team Russia is going to SO mess with my mind. Markov has been invited. Kovy has been invited (huh?!). Obviously Ovie, Semin and Ilya have been invited. Eggplant and the not-so-injured Gonchar are invited. Even Simmy got invited!
  • I’m freaking out now because I can just see how I’m going to react: “GO MARKOV! Wait. No. That’s one of Canada’s players he just robbed. Someone crush Crysob! Yay Ovie scored on Floppy Flambe! Oh wait…..damn….. screw this Olympics thing. I quit. GO HABS GO!”
  • I hate the Olympics already.
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6 Responses to These potential Olympic rosters are messing with my brain

  1. Justin says:

    "That idiot Surovy" is pretty much how we described him here, too. :)

  2. I love olympic hockey, but I can imagine being Canadian it will be difficult to get behind Crysob

  3. Justin – He Avery'd my goalie! *growls* Mike – It's intense, I tell you. And I'm going to have a HUGE problem as I'm not a fan of most of the guys who have been invited to the Canadian's camp whereas I like a good number of the Russians. Damnit, this is going to be hard =(

  4. Number31 says:

    I don't like NHL players playing in the Olympics. Want the country version of the All-Star Game? Keep it in the IIHF World Championships. The Olympics are an amateur platform, at least get the young guys fresh out of the World Juniors who for the most part have not signed their pro-contracts yet. I swear there was a rule about this once, and then the Dream Teams showed up and ruined everything… (Same in the summer Olympics). Hockey Canada especially has no excuse with the programs they got running to build an actual team instead of tossing some guys together who have never played with each other for the most part. It'll boil down to the same old hockey powers unless Team Estonia pulls a miracle or their goalie has an epiphany. Do we really need to see a 50-1 win over Team China?Plus it doubly sucks when an NHL player gets injured in an Olympic game and ultimately ruins his season/his team's season. Reason number 1 I'm SO HAPPY that most of the Habs aren't on the list. That said, Jaro better watch his head :x and Markov better not get hurt…

  5. Veritas says:

    I'm looking forward to it. I love the NHL players participating, because in the end, a lot of these guys are still friends. The game should be about mixing it up and having fun. And I completely disagree with Number31 – there's 6 hockey countries that have a chance to take the gold, maybe seven as Slovakia could possibly sneak in.The thing is….high profile players + high profile Games = more interest. We saw this with basketball with the introduction of the US Dream Team in 1992, and the subsequent spread of basketball as a major sport in southern Europe and the Balkans. The bigger profile hockey is, the better the spread.

  6. I'm going to have to think about this one for a bit…. It's a complicated issue, I think. Personally, I'd prefer the Habs winning the Stanley Cup than Canada winning gold at the Olympics…

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