Habs sign Curtis Sanford….

The official story here at Shifts and Sets is that Sanford is coming in to do something in Hamilton. He is not here to be Pricey’s backup so they can trade Jaro away to some hockey-foresaken city. He is here because the Hammies need some help (because Denis is gone).

That is our story and we are sticking to it until Bob comes around and ruins our lives.

Welcome to Smurf Village, Curtis!
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6 Responses to Habs sign Curtis Sanford….

  1. Number31 says:

    There's no one else in Hamilton other than Desjardins, though I'd rather chance him as the 3rd goalie in case of injury over the Sandman. But people gotta quiet with their conspiracies XD It's like "Bob had cornflakes this morning instead of bagels with creme cheese" Fans: "OMG Bob's making up a package deal to trade for a big center soon!!!"

  2. Yes…. I think people keep forgetting – or don't know – that we don't have Denis anymore. Unless Desjardins is some type of superhuman then he can't do the work all by himself. I'm not worried about all this trade stuff. Not until March rolls around anyway =p

  3. Grrrreg says:

    I hope you're both right. I wouldn't be happy to see Jaro go away.But I'm not too worried, because I think that if Gainey had picked Sanford as a backup in order to trade Halak, he would probably have signed the new guy for more than one season.

  4. Here's my rational for why Sandford isn't going to replace Jaro: 1) There is only Desjardin in Hammietown. Hammies need another goalie to begin with. Sanford is this goalie.2) Sanford sounds injury prone (exhibit a: he had back spasms in the middle of a game with the Canucks last season when Luuu was out). An injury-prone backup doesn't sound like something the Habs need in Habsland. 3) Like Grrreg said, I think if Gainey was thinking of keeping Sanford as Pricey's backup, he would've offered him a longer contract. 4) While people have said – and I agree – that Price could benefit from having an experienced goalie around, Sanford has mostly been limited to the AHL (he played in 35 games in his two seasons with the Canucks). I'm not sure that he is the guy that they want to help Price out with his mental stuff. I guess I could see Gainey using Sanford as a temporary thing until he finds someone else…Mind you, the thought of the Habs going into the playoffs with Price and Sanford, doesn't really appeal to me at all… He'd probably still have to go out and trade for a goalie for the Hammies though as I don't think any of our smishy baby-goalies are ready for the AHL…

  5. Grrrreg says:

    Wait wait wait…- Price needs "an experienced goalie around"- You "could see Gainey using Sanford as a temporary until he finds someone else"Am I crazy or are you thinking Jaro should be traded?

  6. I'm saying I could see it happening if Gainey thinks that's what needs to happen to keep Price in business. I think Gainey has made it clear that he wants to build this team around Price.

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