And the Stanley Keg goes to…

….Team Louis! Which wasn’t actually called that but I’ve been calling them Team Louis all day so nyeh!

I was very pleased to show up to the semi-finals and see Team Pickles (that’s Vlasic) playing the Powder Blue Team and Team Louis playing…. somebody. Naturally Team Pickles won (I think it was 7-3) and they would take on Team Louis (who I’m pretty sure had at least 9 goals) for the chance to win the Keg of Doom.

The final ended up being the most exciting of the games this weekend. Lot’s of action and the goalies both had some really cool saves. Mind you….It really didn’t look good for Team Louis at the start as Team Pickles jumped to a 3-1 lead. Team Louis would close the gap (thanks in part to Louis, yes) and it wound up 4-4 as the final buzzer sounded (very loudly in my poor ear, too). OT solved nothing and we actually had to have a real shootout! Team Louis won without Louis’ help and his goalie caught to take home the beer equivalent of the Conn Smythe *g*

Number31 took some video which you can see here. I was smartish and lugged my better camera with me and was able to take a pile of pics. The downside to this was that I just spent 6 hours going through and editing the good ones…. Hence the reason why this writeup of the games is a little… lame…

I had the goalie’s dad’s friend ask me to send him some of the pics I took, which totally scared the heck out of me because I had no idea of any of the pics actually came out okay. Lesson number 2254671845362: apparently using a semi-expensive camera makes people think you know what the heck you’re doing…..Erm, I didn’t exactly mention that I had never used this camera to take photos of hockey before…

My pics are here. I think a couple of them came out okay, so I should be saved…..

Stanley Keg
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2 Responses to And the Stanley Keg goes to…

  1. Yves says:

    Right on.Pics look good.

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