Uhoh… Habs sign Paul Mara

Umm…..this is the extent of my knowledge of Mara as a player:

Yes, that’s Mara trying to stop Ovie… And this…

Okay fine. So technically that one is not entirely his fault.. but he was still on the ice!

Welcome to Smurf Village Mara! May you never have to be on the ice at the same time as Ovie =p

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2 Responses to Uhoh… Habs sign Paul Mara

  1. Yves says:

    Well… to Mara's defense… I think Ovechkin could do something like that to anyone really…Just because you know??;-)

  2. Well yeah… he's Ovie! But I just find it very amusing that my two favorite Ovie goals – and probably two of his best goals ever – have come when Mara is on the ice. And really… that's all I know about Mara. Is that he can't stop Ovie. Not that anybody can stop Ovie….

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