No words…

Komisarek is a Leaf.

And Begin is a Bruin.

And we have Gomez, Spacek, Cammalleri and… Hal Gill.

No news on our other UFAs/RFAs.

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13 Responses to No words…

  1. Justin says:

    The Cammalleri signing was huge.But Spacek and Gill were not Gainey's finest moments. A guy with no defensive ability to speak of and a guy who's so slow it is as if his skates are encased in concrete…

  2. Yves says:

    Well…Cammalleri was a very good surprise… I wasn't expecting much.. then all of a sudden it was confirmed.. then later on, Gionta. I think Gionta+Gomez+Cammalleri really show promise. They'll add lots of skill and speed.Spacek I don't really mind. In his career, he is pretty much always a + in +/- .. except for his time with Columbus… but that goes without saying in those years…He'll add some puck moving ability… a bit of a "younger" (if 35 is young..) Schneider.. without the huge shot. Yannick Weber will supply that.As for Gill, I think Gainey signed Gill when he new Komisarek wasn't coming back. A big body, that will likely be used to clear a path in front of Price.For a couple of years, people have been talking about changing the face of the team….. it happened.We still need size up front though. That's for sure.

  3. I'm trying not to judge the new guys. I'm really trying hard. I don't want to hate these guys without seeing what they do here. But I'm still not pleased right now. I think I'll change my mind once this has all sunk in, but right now, I'm ticked off with the whole thing…

  4. Justin says:

    You're mad at them for wanting to be Habs?

  5. No. I'm more mad at who isn't coming back.

  6. Justin says:

    Hehe, now you're understanding about why a lot of people were upset about Hossa last summer.

  7. I'm not sure it's the same thing. Hossa is an idiot. At what point did Shero offer him a contract?

  8. Hmm well, in my mind if Gainey really thought it was a priority to sign people like Komisarek, then he shouldn't have waited until last Saturday/Sunday. I've never really understood Gainey's insistence on waiting until at least the end of the playoffs to negotiate with his players….

  9. Justin says:

    Meh, they all do it for the most part. Sometimes teams that are out of the playoffs start a little earlier, but almost nobody does it during the season.

  10. Number31 says:

    The newly crowned HMCS Hal Gill is docking at the Old Port. Toooooooot!

  11. (cue Anaheim's goal horn which sounds either like a dying animal or a really ugly fog horn)

  12. Justin says:

    Well, we did call him the USS Gill here… :)

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