Pre-draft ramble

Okay. After WEEKS of waiting, it’s finally arrived. I think I’m more excited for the tweetup this weekend than I am for the actual draft but umm yeah. To be honest, I haven’t really looked at any of the prospects. Mainly because I didn’t want to be slightly disappointed when all these talented players headed off to crap or evil teams…. so you get a random list of random stuff.

  • If I were the Habs picking, I’d take Hedman over Tavares.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Isles actually pick Hedman first…
  • If I were Tampa Bay and their dysfunctional management, I’d probably do something stupid like trade my pick to the Leafs. Because that’s just how Tampa Bay rolls right now…
  • Obviously, if I’m me, I’m hoping that the Islanders and the Bolts and everyone ahead of the Leafs, don’t do anything stupid. Make Burke sad!
  • Have I ever mentioned that I like Dmitri Kulikov? Too bad we won’t be picking high enough…
  • Watching guys who are the same age as you getting drafted to a NHL team is probably going to be really weird…
  • If the crowd boos Montreal’s pick, whoever he may be, I will go Torts. Do NOT boo the new kid. Do not it, Montreal. Whoever this guy may be, you need to cheer for him. This is going to be a huge moment in this guy’s life and. If you don’t want him to hate us before he even gets a chance to step out on the ice here, then cheer for him. Make this moment a good one for him.
  • People you CAN boo: Gary Bettman (actually, if you don’t boo him, I will go Torts. BOO HIM!). The Bruins GM. The Bolts GM. Brian Burke (BOOOO!). Heck, feel free to boo just about every other GM in the building. But please leave the kids alone.
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4 Responses to Pre-draft ramble

  1. Grrrreg says:

    3 things:1. Overall Hedman may be better than Tavares (even if it's impossible to know now), BUT I think that the Isles should take Tavares, because he will bring things that they need beyond his hockey talent. With all the hype surrounding him, this should bring some fans back to the arena. It's a better pick for them I think.2. It's weird to see guys your age getting drafted and play, but you'll get used to it… I think it's going to be even weirder in a few years, when I'll begin to see guys my age retire!3. I don't think people will boo the habs pick. There is no obvious choice that people would be really pissed to see Montreal miss. So it should be ok. But I definitely expect Bettman and Burke to hear some boos! :P

  2. 1) I think you're right and the Isles will take Tavares. I think like you said, it will be because of the hype that he's generated. I just wouldn't be surprised if they drafted Hedman. I don't know what they need right now for their roster (err probably everything?) but it's a tricky thing drafting… because do you draft the type of player you need or do you draft the best available player? *IF* the Isles take Hedman then who do the Bolts take? i've been told that they need a guy on D. So do they take Tavares or do they pick the next best Dman? I think you're though and this whole thing is moot because the Islanders will take Tavares. And I will get slightly cranky that Canada does all this work developing this players who then go off to play for crap teams in the USA. 2) Haha… yeah…. It'll be weird when they start retiring…. or getting married or something… o.O 3) I don't think they will either, but I keep having this nightmare that they will do it. Hopefully like you said, there is no obvious choice for Montreal, that it won't matter who they draft. I just want them to cheer for him whoever he is. I'll be cheering =)

  3. Grrrreg says:

    If I can watch the draft on the internet, I'll look for you in the crowd! :P

  4. Yay! =D I'll wave randomly *G*

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