Ummmm Bob?

Would you care to explain why you haven’t even really talked to any of the millions of UFAs on the team?

From Habs Inside/Out (because I couldn’t find the article I read in the paper that had Gainey’s exact quote. Which wasn’t that much different anyway)

Gainey told Hickey that he’s had some preliminary talks with some of the Canadiens’ impending unrestricted free agents, but has told them he’ll do nothing until after the draft.

Butbutbutbutbut Bob…. July first is kinda coming up soon, no? Do you seriously not want anybody back that much? I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here. I know you’re whole five year plan thing sort of didn’t work out that well, but, is it just me, or are you seriously going to do this whole rebuilding thing again? If this keeps up, Bob, you know who’s going to get the axe next, right? Let’s just say it’s not Youppi….

Might I add that there’s issues going on in Tampa Bay with the stupid owners arguing and apparently trying to do the GM’s job. Apparently they don’t agree with some of his choices of players to resign. And yes, apparently one of the owners doesn’t think they need Vinny. And YES, I just used the word “apparently” too many times. ARGH. They’re getting Bettman to come in and help resolve their issues. Babies……I can see it now…

Gary: so explain to me what the issue is?

Koules (Bolts owner #1): the franchise is starting to look like a horror flick…

Barrie (Bolts owner #2): This idiot clearly has no clue about hockey…

Lawton (GM dude): they keep trying to do my job.

Gary: uhuh… can I ask you all something? Do you plan on selling the team to Jim Balsillie?

Koules and Barrie: No

Gary: okay then. We’re done here. *walks out*

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3 Responses to Ummmm Bob?

  1. haha! i love the way you write.

  2. Grrrreg says:

    You forgot a "I WIN" before Bettman walks out. :)Other than that, yeah, I'm a little worried by that quote about the free agents too. It's weird to think that the team will likely be pretty different in two weeks from now…

  3. Hailey – thanks =p Grrrreg – Gary isn't cool enough for that though =p I'm scared that Gainey is starting to behave less like Gainey and more like… I dunno… I mean.. I'm going to miss these guys a lot. I liked them. These were the Habbies who made me love this team. It's going to be tough to see them go =(

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