On the eve of Wimbledon, the biggest tournament of the year…

….EP is thinking about getting NHL Center Ice.


But really, I’ve been thinking I need to find a way to watch my Caps and the Peachhawks next season so I’m thinking of getting it. It seems to be something like $169 or the year (I’m guessing that’s American too) which sounds reasonable. Now, if I could just figure out this blackout crap thing and know for sure which teams would be blacked out, I wouldn’t have to angst about this. I mean… there really isn’t any such thing as TOO much hockey is there? No. There isn’t. I think I shall have to get my hands on this.

Speaking of blackouts, I was also looking at MLB tv (I know, I know) and apparently ALL Jays games are blacked out in Canada. Contrary to popular belief, this is the greatest thing ever. Now, if only they could blackout all Leafs games too.. Canada would be so better off.

Anyway… Wimby…..

I will offer no predictions whatsoever. I refuse. But I will say this to Roger: I know in theory the pressure is off of you to win another Slam and all that jazz… In terms of that whole record thing, you’ve matched it. You’ve got a while to break it a few times over. BUT! it would be NICE if you won this. Who knows how distracted you’ll be once Mini Roger comes along. It would be nice if you won this before you’re up to your head in dipers…

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2 Responses to On the eve of Wimbledon, the biggest tournament of the year…

  1. Justin says:

    Does this help?Blackout restrictions apply to all games that are on NHL® CENTER ICE®. Blackout restrictions are designed to protect the television rightsholders in the competing teams’ respective home markets. Blackouts are not based on arena sellouts.Local Broadcast Blackout ExampleIf the St. Louis Blues are playing the New York Rangers, the local telecast areas of the Blues and Rangers will be blacked out on NHL® CENTER ICE®, regardless of whether the teams are televising locally. If the teams are televising locally, NHL® CENTER ICE® subscribers can view the game on their over–the–air television station or their local regional sports network (RSN) if DIRECTV carries the local telecaster–included with CHOICE programming and Local Channels.

  2. Hmmm yeah…. it does help…. thank you =)

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