Does this mean I have to drink beer now?

Because I really don’t care much for beer….

But anyway. The Molsons are now the old/new owners of the Habs. Welcome (back)! Thank the hockey gods that it wasn’t Quebecor that bought it. I look forward to seeing the Molsons back in control. Should be interesting. Although I kind of wished that King Gary wasn’t so enthusiastic about it in his two second presser about it. Every time he seems enthusiastic about an owner, it doesn’t end so well….. let’s hope that isn’t the case here!

And Gillett…. Thanks for everything you’ve done. I still don’t believe you’re a saint like you’re often protrayed here. But thanks for what you’ve done for my team. We’d still be in the Dark Ages if you hadn’t bought it and while we’re not quite out of them yet, I think we’re on the right track. Now please take good care of my Liverpool team too. They deserve some awesomeness too.

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