I can do random too!

(click the lovely picture for full size)

…I mean… even more random….. ANYWAY….. This was done by @hockeyisgood who kindly volunteered to do this after I said I had nothing interesting to write now that the hockey season is pretty much over. You’d probably have to know most of the people on twitter to get this so if you don’t really know… you should at least be able to appreciate the accurate depiction of me *g*

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3 Responses to I can do random too!

  1. I love this… This totally cracked me up!! I love you guys!

  2. Justin says:

    Kostitsyns and Hamrlik found not guilty. Yay?BTW, why isn’t it Kostsitsyn? Too hard to say for us non-Russians?

  3. Have you ever heard the average person who’s first language is English try to pronounce the “ts” sound? Doesn’t work. I don’t know why. Now try to get those announcers who can’t even manage to say “Claude Julien” right…. Nuhuh.. Not gonna happen….

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