Game 1… *yawns*

If you’re like me and the prospect of watching this Puffles Wings game puts you to sleep, then you can spend your time watching this Peachawks thing. Very amusing. And Perky is in it because he was a Hawk then.

In important Habs news….: Sergei and Andrei and Hammer have been completely cleared. Yay! So much for the big scandal. Pfft. Still waiting to get my hands on La Presse to see if they actually reported this. Now stop hanging out with people like this!

And because it is tennis season….

First off, a look at the Clay Monster:

(image from Yahoo sports)

Yup. Sorbet coloured Rafa. Just what I always wanted…. NOT! At least Roger doesn’t look like ice cream…. No Roger just looks like…

(image from yahoo sports)

…..OH GAWD! Roger looks like a Puffy. DAMN YOU NIKE!

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44 Responses to Game 1… *yawns*

  1. Number31 says:

    Apparently, on Game 1 of the Cup playoffs…VERSUS is showing rodeo?

  2. Grrrreg says:

    Hey, are you there? I’m not sure I’ll watch the 3rd period. This is a nice game so far, though.

  3. mhcranberry says:

    what is up, party people?

  4. I’m heeeeeeere…. I was trying to figure out the best time to go look for food.

  5. Wait… Blersus is showing rodeo? WTF?

  6. Number31 says:

    Twitter can’t take hockey night eh.

  7. I think it’s all the Pens fans… have you seen the place all day? It’s been “GO PENS GO PENS GO PENS GO PENS GO PENS” all day…=( Makes me sad….

  8. Number31 says:

    McGuire = DeathLook at that time out. What a time out. Woooo!Kill me.

  9. Did we lose Grrreg? how was THAT for a goal?!

  10. Number31 says:

    Fleury has put the puck in his own net TWICE this game…

  11. I was really hoping McGuire would get that job in Minnesota… btw… did the puck go off Flambe’s foot?

  12. Grrrreg says:

    Hey, I was just trying not to spam your blog with pro-pens comments!

  13. HAHAHA. Go ahead. Try. I dare you =p

  14. Number31 says:

    Yea, first off his ass, now off his foot during his flop-save….I miss Price. Too bad that Versus rodeo thingy isn’t the one he’s doing right now!

  15. Poor Flambe…. I’m trying SO hard to like him and I have to laugh at both of those goals…. And yeah, Blersus should’ve showed the one Pricey is at…. myeh…

  16. Well who said I couldn’t spam up my own blog? GRRRRREEEEEEEG! Did you fall asleep? Grab some caffeine and stay awake =p

  17. Number31 says:

    It’s the reason why I say “non merci” for Flambe at the Olympics. That’ll be a lovely facepalm.

  18. omg… I love the Flambe after Pricey and Halak.. and Simmy…. but jeez. One more and he’ll his own hattrick… and EWWWWWWW King Gary is on RDS. It’s funny because Houde is speaking in French to the TV and Bettman is just like “wtf is he saying?”

  19. Grrrreg says:

    I’m trying really hard not too go to bed right now. It’s freaking 4 AM. I shouldn’t be doing this when the habs are not playing.

  20. Number31 says:

    The height difference between Milbury and Pang is hilarious on TV. Get the guy a milkcrate or something!

  21. ooo it’s FOUR in the morning?! Maybe you should go to sleep… Damn, they need more afternoon games so we can chat more during the games! Ooo Milk-crates! I love those! They’re great for throwing around *G*

  22. WTF?! Bettman: we don’t move franchises that are environments that they can thrive in. We don’t like moving franchises. The Coyotes can thrive in Phoenix. Houde: but you know there’s a lot of interest in Quebec CityBettman: We don’t have any plans to move or expand.

  23. Number31 says:

    I’d love the shove my goalie stick up Bettman’s ass for that comment but I like my goalie stick too much…I can, however, spare a ski pole or two.

  24. Grrrreg says:

    Yeah, all the games start at 8, it’s a bit tough for me. I think I’ll skip the third period, or I’ll be in a poor condition tomorrow. Good night!

  25. Number31 says:

    Abdelkwhatever scores. Marc Denis hates that guy ;)

  26. LOL! It sounded a lot worse on the TV. It would’ve almost been amusing if he hadn’t been the commissioner… I want to think that he’s not anti-Canadian but by the way he was talking it was very clear that he doesn’t really want to see another team here and that he is that… OMFG WINGS SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lemme see the replays! Did Flambe get a hattrick??????????!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway…. I think Bettman had completely deluded himself into thinking that the Coyotes can be successful in Phoenix….Hmm… no hattrick.. .and it was Abdelkader (I think I totally got that wrong). Hmm…


  28. Number31 says:

    Yea sure the Coyotes can be successful in Phoenix… they only failed for 10 years despite having top picks. They only cater to retired Canadians for the most part, who cheer for their Nucks/Flames/Oilers/Habs/Leafs/Sens whenever they come to town. There’s only a sports bar near Gretzky’s place that’s flying a Red Wings flag with nary a Coyote sign in sight. The face of the Coyotes is only their useless coach and not a player. Sure…they can work just fine…Wonder what Bettman is smoking.

  29. Are you serious about flying a Wings flag? ROFL! Man… I really want to know what is going on inside his brain. I know that his mandate was supposed to bring hockey to the USA. But there’s a lot of other cities that could support an NHL team in the USA that aren’t in Phoenix (don’t they play in Glendale? That’s not in or part of Phoenix is it?) or Tampa Bay… Jeez… And is it just me or is Ozzy being unbelievably good tonight?

  30. Number31 says:

    NBC is lame…

  31. Lamer than Blersus? Nothing can be worse than Blersus… can it?

  32. Number31 says:

    Glendale is like a suburb of Phoenix.If they want more teams in the USA, bring em north…like Seattle.

  33. But if they’ve got suburb problems like we do then that could be up for debate as to whether it’s part of Phoenix lol =p There seems to be a fairly large market for AHL teams anyway in the New England states and thereabouts. Doesn’t Pennsylvania have a couple of AHL teams on top of their NHL teams?


  35. Number31 says:

    Fleury is like a train wreck in nets…

  36. Don’t let anyone ever say that Jaro gives them Halak-Attacks….. Flambe is the true master of the heart-attack inducing goalie maneuvers…

  37. Oh c’mon… the Wings can’t put it in the net without Flambe’s help?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Empty net and they can’t score….HAHAHA!

  38. Number31 says:

    Driving the 81S from Montreal to DC, I passed 3 AHL teams. Syracuse and Binghampton, NY and then Wilks-Barre/Scranton. I saw two of the arenas from the highway too (couldn’t see the Sens one).

  39. Oooo! I wonder if the Bingtwhatsits put their arena in the middle of nowhere like the Sens do……WINGS WIN! Altogether now: “Thank you Flambe for putting the puck into the net for us twice!” and… “thank you Ozzy for showing up for once!” Oh they just showed Crysob as he left the ice. I have a strong urge to wave goodbye to him like Ovie did during the season when Crysob had a hissy fit.

  40. Number31 says:

    NBC has HUGE RED MICROPHONES. They look rediculous. They also look like they’ve just thrown this desk together in a hallway somewhere near the pressbox and forgot to bring chairs.

  41. Number31 says:

    And…someone in the crowd is wearing a Winnipeg Jets sweater for absolutely no reason. Trying to bring it back home, I think. His friend and other fans are pointing at it and pointing it out to the TV.

  42. ROLF! I wanna see *switches the channel* Who is the guy with the squeaky voice? If I wanted to listen to a chipmunk, I’d go find one…

  43. Number31 says:

    On the bSens… One could argue that Binghampton is in the middle of nowhere already so it doesn’t matter where the arena is.

  44. LOL! Very true. That was one thing though that I absolutely detested when I went to see the Habs play in Sensland. They’re arena is in the middle of flipping nowhere…. And their parking lot. Oh don’t get me started on their parking lot…

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