(Dude, you have to let your mouthguard hang out, not your tongue…. *shakes head*)

Wrong Patrick got the game winner in OT, but the Peachhawks win and make me squeal with delight – which is something. I haven’t done that since…. game 6 of the Caps/Puffles series. FEEL THE POWER OF THE PEACHINESS!

– blowing a 3-0 lead is BAD. The Peachhawks had 2 goals in the first period and another one early in the second, only to blew it completely. Third saw no more scoring despite the Wings dominating the play.
– Hitting and concussing someone (Havlat) is BAD. I don’t care if the hit was “clean”. Concussions are no laughing matter and they do not need to be a part of hockey. It makes me sick to my stomach to see someone just lying on the ice with their eyes basically staring blanking at the ceiling.
– Kronwall was finally tossed for an ugly hit.
– Crabby Khabby is not okay. He was pulled for… Huet…. (HUET?!) and wasn’t seen after. Not even on the bench. Not good. He was doing really well up until the point where the whole team collapsed.
– I’m not sure I like seeing our ex-goalies…. Jose was horrendous in his first game of this playoffs and Huet scared me to death…
– Peach Fuzz looked better than the last game.
– Peachbrook got a peachgoal for the Peachhawks is a lot of fun to say….
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