A look at how EP’s whacko mind works…

It’s no secret that I have a weird way of liking/picking my teams. I just realized now how weird it is though…

I hated the Flyers to death last year to the point where I latched onto the Puffles and was a full-fledged Puffles fan.

When I officially declared myself a Caps fan, the Caps went down 3-1 to the Rags.

This year, I abandoned the Puffles and backed the Flyers – and Biron – over the Puffles. Biron, of course, decided to fail at making me happy.

I loved the Caps even more when they lost than when they won. Winning was nice – okay, winning was beautiful – but I became a real fan when they lost.

My Caps of the West are the Peachhawks – I almost had the Canucks, but those creepy Twins made me freak out completely so I completely abandoned them. Which is a good thing because they lost anyway. Errr. Anyway, because the Peachawks are losing, I’m loving them. The less Peach Fuzz does, the more I like him. Huh. (So THAT is the magic formula to liking the Peachhawks?!).

As a former Pens fan, I’m still not a fan of Hossa, despite professing respect for the Wings.

I don’t completely hate the Bruins if only because I still have visions of Looch crushing Puffy…

So now I have to cheer for Whalercanes who murdered my Habs three years ago so they can crush the Puffles.

Should the Wings crush the Peachhawks, I will fully back the Wings to another Cup and will actually support Hossa scoring the series winning goal over the Puffles.

I somehow almost considered all of this bandwagoning… but it’s bandwagoning in reverse…. and if it was true bandwagoning, I’d be in love with Puffy and the Pens. EW. So I guess this is bandwagoning in reverse. Whoopie. Or maybe this is just proof that I hate the Penguins

Hmm…. okay, you can all skip this totally random post… =p

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3 Responses to A look at how EP’s whacko mind works…

  1. Grrrreg says:

    I like how we spend so much time reasoning over what teams we should root for or against now that our primary team is out. I do exactly the same (except I’m way less creative about nicknames…) I have very complicated and fluctuating justifications for rooting for or against the remaining teams. That’s fun! So I liked that random post. =)

  2. Number31 says:

    For Carolina to win, they would need to A) sucker punch someone, or B) attempt to nearly BLIND THEIR CAPTAIN. Arseholes. Grrr…

  3. Grrreg – silly how much time and effort we put it into. Oh well. It’s fun. Kinda. Bandwagoning in reverse is a little painful *G*Number31 – and sucker punching a Puffle is a bad thing….? I mean, yeah, of course. Bad. Bad. Bad… *coughs*

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