Hey Peach Fuzz

I dare you to make me go “I guess I’ll live without Ovie until October”. I bet you can’t do it. They may say that you’ll “step up your peach-game” tomorrow but I won’t believe it until I see it. Prove me wrong, Peach Fuzz. Go on. I dare you.

and he better “raise his peach-game” tomorrow because this so-called “conference final” tonight was LAME. LAME. No intensity. No crowd noise and no Whalercanes that I could see. Bah. This was SO not a conference final. This was like… I dunno… the Memorial Cup game was better (made all the more nice by the fact that the the Drummondville Whatsits lost. HAHAH). I mean… the Pens corner of the twitterverse was quiet even! I would SO not be yawning if the Bruins and the Capitals were in the finals. Ugh. Hockey hour has never been so boring before. Well, not since the Devils were still in the playoffs anyway.
C’mon Peach Fuzz. Bring the the Peachiness tomorrow tonight!
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One Response to Hey Peach Fuzz

  1. Grrrreg says:

    Let’s go Peach Fuzz! That’s a cool rallying cry!

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